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Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 11g


Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 11g, a standalone product from Oracle, enables a secure, high quality, easy-to-use search across all enterprise information assets. Key features include:
  • The ability to search and locate public, private and shared content across Intranet web-servers, databases, files on local disk or on file-servers, IMAP email, document management systems, applications, and portals
  • Highly secure crawling, indexing, and searching
  • A simple, intuitive search interface leading to an excellent user-experience
  • Excellent search quality, with the most relevant items for a query shown first, even when the query spans diverse public or private data sources
  • Analytics on search results and understanding of usage patterns
  • Sub-second query performance
  • Ease of administration and maintenance leveraging your existing IT expertise

What's New?


As of early 2014, Oracle has decided to cease standalone sales of Secure Enterprise Search (SES) full use- and connector licenses. SES will continue as an Oracle-internal technology to power search over internal content in WebCenter, Oracle Siebel, PeopleSoft, and Fusion Applications and will be available via restricted use license with these products. Customers who have a full use license will continue to be supported for the lifetime of their SES release.

As part of SES becoming a technology to index Oracle application content only, SES content connectors to third party repositories are being phased out of support. Exceptions are: Microsoft Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, and Documentum Content Server.



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