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Distributed Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers the widest range of distributed cloud options with hybrid cloud services and multicloud capabilities across 40 public cloud regions worldwide. OCI also brings public cloud services to a customer’s data center with a fully managed dedicated region that meets data residency, security, and reduced latency requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Redefined—New, Unmatched OCI Solutions for Customers (11:08)
IDC’s view on OCI and hybrid cloud

Explore platform features that make Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ideal for all of today's cloud native and legacy workloads.

How to plan for optimal multicloud and intercloud data management

As organizations increasingly use multiple cloud service providers, cloud infrastructure choices can no longer be an afterthought.

All clouds are not the same

As enterprises increasingly adopt cloud computing in their digital transformation journeys, multicloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures are becoming ubiquitous.

Bring the full breadth of Oracle’s offerings into your data center

Take advantage of public cloud capabilities in your data center.

Distributed cloud success stories

Explore all OCI customer stories

See how our customers gain choice and flexibility with OCI distributed cloud services.

Financial Services
NRI deploys second OCI Dedicated Region to run key financial services on a highly available, secure cloud platform.
The Sultanate of Oman selects OCI Dedicated Region to support the government’s national initiative for digital transformation across 120 entities.
TIM Brasil moves their mission-critical applications to the cloud with the adoption of OCI and Microsoft Azure.
Integra LifeSciences adopts OCI for multicloud and achieves 90% time savings for sales reporting.
Financial Services
Deutsche Bank runs 10,000 databases with 50% less energy.
Skin Care
Murad saves 30% by moving Oracle's E-Business Suite, Demantra, and business intelligence solution to OCI.

OCI services for distributed cloud

OCI meets you where you are with a distributed cloud strategy

According to market analysts, distributed cloud is often defined as the distribution of public cloud services to different physical locations while the operation, governance, and updating of core services continue to be the responsibility of the originating public cloud provider.

An OCI Region is the core of OCI’s commercial and government public clouds, which can be interconnected with other clouds for multicloud architectures or act as the control plane for hybrid cloud offerings. For on-premises requirements, OCI is available with OCI Dedicated Region, which brings Oracle’s complete portfolio of public cloud infrastructure, fully managed cloud services, and Oracle Fusion SaaS applications into your data center.

OCI's different deployment options can include the functionality of more than 100 OCI services or just a subset, with the required location choice, performance, security, compliance, and operational models. Any OCI Region can be extended with hybrid cloud architectures through services such as Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Further, you maintain complete control of your data to address data residency, security, and connectivity concerns with OCI’s sovereign cloud solutions. Together, these deployment options comprise the OCI distributed cloud.

Maximizing the value of multicloud architectures

Multicloud architectures allow organizations to leverage the best services from each cloud to deploy and consistently manage workloads across clouds. By linking applications running in different clouds or distributing application stacks across clouds, customers in all industries can achieve competitive advantages, with better capabilities, higher performance, enhanced disaster mitigation, and lower costs.


Get flexibility by selectively moving workloads to the public cloud

Hybrid cloud architecture uses both a public cloud provider, such as OCI, and on-premises infrastructure to meet enterprise IT needs. This approach provides the flexibility to move some workloads to the public cloud while retaining others on-premises.

This architecture is gaining importance as certain workloads cannot be moved to public cloud data centers for reasons that include data residency, network latency, and infrastructure performance. Oracle Cloud@Customer brings the complete portfolio of cloud services into customer data centers, enabling hybrid cloud architectures.

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer combines the benefits of the public cloud with customer data centers. OCI delivers the same full-featured, high-performance Exadata Database Service and Autonomous Database on-premises that we offer in our public cloud, with the added benefit of globally available cloud-based management. OCI Dedicated Region delivers all OCI services and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications inside your own data centers.


  • Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is the only offering among public cloud vendors that brings more than 100 services into customers’ data centers.
  • Use a self-service, high-performance Oracle Database with Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Meet the most demanding data residency requirements

Oracle’s sovereign cloud solutions meet the most demanding data residency, security, and latency requirements for both private companies and public sector organizations. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers industry-leading price-performance with significantly reduced operational costs while enabling workloads with sovereign requirements. These sovereign regions offer every Oracle cloud service and all future innovations.

Customers can use these cloud services with additional security and operational capabilities. OCI operates both public cloud regions and dedicated regions for government, defense, and intelligence as well as commercial uses. Unlike other providers, OCI has built a repeatable process to offer public cloud and dedicated regions with limited or single tenancy, data residency, and even disconnected operations as available options.

Public cloud

Oracle Cloud is available globally from 40 cloud regions, and expanding rapidly. Our goal is to offer regions in proximity to our customers to meet their data residency requirements while providing true disaster protection with multiple geographically distributed cloud regions in every country. Oracle currently has at least two regions in nine countries and the European Union. Unlike other providers, our government regions offer services at the same prices as commercial regions and are targeted to have service compatibility with commercial regions 30 days after a service reaches general availability. Oracle Cloud serves commercial businesses, the U.S. and UK governments, and the U.S. Defense Department with distinct regions that meet specific security, compliance, and other tenancy requirements.

OCI addresses common industry challenges

Industry challenge Oracle advantage Customer story
Using best-of-breed cloud capabilities Take advantage of the unique capabilities each cloud vendor offers and bridge these applications and databases with OCI interconnect solutions. Integra LifeSciences
Meeting price-performance and SLA goals Choose cloud vendors based on economics and performance. De-risk across cloud platforms by distributing workloads and leveraging vendor SLAs. Murad
Eliminating data and app silos Integrate applications and data in distributed cloud environments. Manage all types of infrastructure and applications with a single pane of glass. FedEx
Enabling DR and business continuity Mitigate the impact of primary cloud provider outages with a second provider. Mitigate the impact of on-premises outages with a cloud disaster recovery (DR) environment, or vice versa. Mart Minas
Improving compliance and security Meet data residency and compliance requirements with on-premises cloud solutions. Protect distributed environments with cloud services for observability and security. Tim Brasil
Meeting data sovereignty/latency OCI’s multicloud capabilities allow you to adopt a dedicated cloud on-premises to meet data residency and latency requirements. NRI

Multicloud adoption on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Browse reference architectures and use cases, validate technical requirements, and learn best practices for multicloud architectures.

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