From Fear to Enthusiasm Artificial Intelligence Is Winning More Hearts and Minds in the Workplace

Oracle and Future Workplace AI@Work Global Study 2019

The pace of AI adoption is accelerating. Are you moving fast enough to keep up?

In our 2018 study, workers saw the potential in using AI at work, yet they also feared how it would affect their jobs. In our 2019 study, it’s evident that AI has become more prominent in the workplace, and that employees are much more enthusiastic than before about using some form of it.

Worries about complexity as well as data security and privacy could be barriers to AI adoption in the workplace. To get the most from AI and machine learning technology, companies must explain how they are using AI ethically, as well as offer solutions to address security and privacy concerns.

Organizations that move swiftly to encourage adoption of AI will be able to drive innovation and create new markets, as well as protect and expand their footprint in current markets.

Your employees are ready to embrace AI…

Are you moving fast enough to capitalize on the next wave of adoption?

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