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4. Empower developers with agility

For developers and analysts, the cloud represents a critical innovation tool, helping them innovate faster and unlock more data-driven insights.

A dedicated cloud in their data center reduces barriers to modern application development and makes accessing data-driven tools even easier, automating maintenance functions for faster development and simplified data management. Organizations can even eliminate migration complexity and accelerate time to market by running transactions, data warehousing, or mixed workloads on a converged, self-service on-premises Oracle Database.

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer provides access to a self-service portal or REST APIs to provision Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, including a fully managed converged autonomous database in minutes. For easy connectivity and a unified experience, developers can use the exact same APIs, tools, and SDKs on both the public cloud and Oracle Cloud@Customer.

To enable low-code data-driven app development, Oracle Cloud@Customer includes Oracle Application Express (APEX). This is a development framework that lets both citizen and professional developers quickly load data, manage database objects, develop REST APIs, and build functional mobile and desktop applications. Oracle Machine Learning also includes 30 integrated algorithms to help simplify development and enable real-time predictions.

For modern cloud native application development, Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer includes services such as Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry, Oracle Streaming, Oracle Events, and Oracle Functions.

Oracle Autonomous Database supports multiple data models—spatial, graph, JSON, time series, XML and more—in a single database running natively on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform with workload-optimized cloud services for transaction processing and data warehouses.

Did you know?

  • 70% of IT decision-makers believe cloud computing makes them more agile9
  • 49% of enterprises see faster time to deployment as a key reason for migrating to a modern cloud10
  • 80% of global companies will be using advanced analytics in the next three years11

Did you know?

Developers can use any of the second-generation Oracle Cloud platform and infrastructure services, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes, Compute VMs and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service. And to keep costs low and predictable, they only pay for the services they consume.

Learn how Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle APEX can deliver superior data-driven apps using proven low-code application development, and why more than 500,000 global developers choose Oracle APEX for rapid application development.

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