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6. All the benefits of the public cloud—on-premises

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is a fully managed true cloud experience that keeps all data and operations completely self-contained in your data center to help you meet the most demanding compliance and latency requirements.

New capabilities become accessible the moment they’re available in the public cloud, helping you to incrementally modernize legacy workloads while taking advantage of cloud-scale security, resiliency, and scalability for mission-critical workloads.

Although it’s deployed as a dedicated on-premises platform in your data center, it’s a managed cloud to ensure 24/7 availability, support, and autonomous maintenance—as well as the consistent pricing and performance you expect from public clouds.

By blending the benefits of the cloud with an on-premises environment, you can experience the best of both worlds and expand your opportunities for innovation and growth.

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

  • Run all the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure second-generation services with the exact same SLAs, APIs, and tools available on an Oracle public cloud in a dedicated on-premises location
  • Get transparent, predictable infrastructure pricing across all regions and offerings
  • Certified to run Oracle SaaS products like ERP Financials, HCM, and SCM
  • Get single-vendor cloud accountability and management for all cloud platforms, databases and infrastructures
  • In networking, benefit from charges for outbound bandwidth that are 74% less expensive than leading vendors’

Provides customers the exact same set of services available in the public regions of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in their data center while delivering the agility, economic and performance benefits of public clouds.

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer

  • Achieve high levels of isolation and security, low-latency access to applications, and customizable operational policies to keep legacy applications running
  • Combine the benefits of cloud elasticity with predictable performance and automated management—including patching, upgrades, tuning, and backups
  • Eliminate security, isolation, data residency, and operational policy concerns when moving to the public cloud
  • Gain improved operational efficiency, increased reliability, and high performance with database consolidation
  • Simplify management of on-premises and Oracle public-cloud services with a single source of truth

Delivers a fully managed and converged database with machine learning based automation including automated patching, upgrades, tuning, and backups with zero downtime.

Oracle Exadata Database Cloud@Customer

  • Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer offers the highest-performing, most-available architecture for Oracle Database behind the firewall of your company’s data center
  • Optimize Oracle Database performance and consolidation efficiency with over 60 unique Oracle Exadata features coengineered with Oracle Database
  • Utilize over 700GB of memory per database server, double that of on-premises Oracle Exadata
  • Benefit from 50% more processing power than Oracle Exadata on-premises with 24-core Intel Cascade Lake CPUs
  • Configure with 25GB of flash and 12 of the 14TB disk drives available in each storage server

Exadata X8M achieves industry-leading performance and availability, as well as a broad range of capabilities based on machine learning.