The 13th Annual Markie Awards

Honoring the minds behind the experience ahead.

To the Movers, Shakers, and Experience-Makers

Thank you for your interest in the Markies! Submissions are now closed for the 2019 Markie Awards.

You can find a full list of the Finalists here.

Winners will be announced (and recognized on stage!) on March 20, 2019 at the Global Markie Awards event. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Markie Awards have celebrated the art and science of digital marketing for more than a decade. And the years we’ve spent championing others have made one thing clear: Each breakthrough shows us more of the horizon ahead. So why look for winners in only one direction? That’s why we’ve evolved this year’s celebration to applaud brilliance beyond marketing.

The 2019 Markies now honor the creators of standout customer experiences across marketing, sales, service, and commerce, bringing light to what goes on below the surface of CX.

If we’re speaking your language, we want to hear your story—and every brainstorm, draft, revision, and pivot it contains. Join us at Modern Customer Experience in Las Vegas in March as we toast the movers, shakers and experience-makers at the 13th annual Markie Awards.

2018 Markie Award Winners
  • BMW New Zealand
  • Calix
  • Cisco
  • Covance Inc.
  • Eaton
  • Jetstar
  • Lojas Renner
  • Mist Systems
  • Moleskine
  • Morningstar
  • Olav Thon Gruppen
  • Pirelli’s David Alemani
  • Pirelli
  • Samsung Business America
  • Schibsted Media
  • Signet Jewelers
  • Texas Instruments
  • Vermont Country Store
What It Takes to Win

What It Takes to Win

A standout customer experience is multi-dimensional; the product of countless interlinking elements working to deliver more together than each could on its own. And it takes an entire team to keep all the balls in the air.

The Markie is awarded to innovators who pave the way in CX—those on the leading edge and those behind the scenes. So architects—we want to hear your story. Check out our award categories and visit us here to let us know why this golden figure belongs on your desk.