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7-Eleven—Fanny Sheumaker, Vice President, Human Resources
Fanny Sheumaker had the vision and fortitude to transform processes that helped 7-Eleven achieve its targets for growth, private label expansion, simplified operations, and a connected organization through unified talent and compensation cloud solutions from Oracle. Lack of a unified solution had been hindering decisions because an accurate view of employees did not exist and the processes in place were cumbersome, time-consuming, and required ongoing expensive customizations. Since 7-Eleven announced the acquisition of 1,100 Sunoco stores for US$3.3 billion, it became ever more clear that it was time to implement a new solution that would streamline the processes for existing stores and corporate employees, and ensure a smooth assimilation of the Sunoco stores.

Sheumaker worked with all entities within the business to drive this successful project. She obtained sponsorship from all C-Level individuals and worked tirelessly with the IT department as well as the systems integrator. Any time a challenge arose, she very quickly assembled all stakeholders and was instrumental in defining the course of action to ensure the project got back on track.

The project launched and was successfully live within six months thanks to the fortitude and commitment of the executives at 7-Eleven. Every employee was able to complete their performance review on time, and 7-Eleven is poised to enter the new fiscal year with the kind of information that enables it to identify top talent across all its business. Visibility across the organization is paramount to meeting 7-Eleven's servant leadership strategy and providing this acquisition with a ‘”happily ever after” ending.

CBRE—Doug Reed, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Global HR Operations
As a worldwide leader in real estate services with 30,000 employees in the United States across 170 offices, CBRE has grown significantly in size over the last 10 years through multiple global acquisitions. Many of these acquisitions brought legacy and disparate compensation processes and rules that were difficult to manage. Compensation was managed on spreadsheets at an individual company and country level to meet old company requirements. CBRE selected Oracle’s workforce compensation cloud solution to streamline and improve this important and complex process. As a result, CBRE consolidated more than 70 unique compensation processes into 12 cloud-based compensation plans. For the first time, the global population was in one system. Managers are now enabled to make informed decisions, including pay for performance. The system automation for eligibility, budgeting, and workflows helps meet country and company requirements on a global level, and unlike the previous process, data is always available. Real-time transparency and reporting also added great value to global leadership teams. The anticipated savings of time, money, and accuracy of data is more than 50 percent compared to previous manual spreadsheets. CBRE also collaborated with Oracle partner PwC and worked diligently to successfully drive change on many fronts.

  • Better visibility into plan design and rules
  • Improved data quality in the source transaction processing system, including data used for compensation such as supervisor, bonus plan, and salary
  • The ability to address global issues and challenges including regional process differences as well as unique requirements by line of business

CBRE is well on its way to a tackling complex global compensation processes, as well as other related talent processes such as succession planning and talent review with the Oracle Cloud suite of products.

Dignity—Richard Portman, Corporate Services Director
Dignity Funeral Services is the second-largest funeral provider in the UK, with 4,000 employees across 800 funeral locations and 45 crematoriums. Dignity is an acquisitive company, adding a new funeral business at a rate of one every four to six weeks. These acquisitions are often small operations; however, they have also included larger acquisitions of businesses with more than 30 locations and hundreds of employees. Due to this high volume of acquisitions, one of the key requirements during the selection process of a new HR and payroll solution was the need to support the smooth absorption of newly acquired businesses. As a result, Dignity worked with Oracle partner Symatrix and went live on Oracle HCM Cloud in June 2017.

Historically, during acquisitions the HR and payroll teams struggled to achieve a smooth transition of the new employees. This would often entail significant manual processes, which were time-consuming and prone to error, with no standardized HR experience for the newly acquired employees and a significant risk of errors in the payroll processing. With Oracle HCM Cloud, Dignity has been able to standardize and automate the vast majority of the process for onboarding newly acquired businesses.

Since the go-live, Dignity has acquired 11 businesses, all of which have been immediately put onto the Oracle HCM Cloud solution, driving quick adoption of standardized processes and supporting the HR department in embedding Dignity’s corporate identity and collaborative working practices in a smooth, streamlined manner.

Envigo—Kammy Dawson, Manager, Rewards
In 2015, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) and Harlan Laboratories announced that the combined companies would be called Envigo. Envigo provides essential products and research services for pharmaceutical, crop protection, and chemical companies as well as universities, governments, and other research organizations. Further enhancing this powerful combination was the implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud that enabled the two merging organizations to harmonize workforce structure data (especially jobs), simplify absence plans and policies in UK/Europe, and harmonize benefit plans. All of which provided one unified-source HR system for quick and easy reporting across the globe.

Envigo's measure of success for phase one was to have one accurate global headcount report. It previously relied on reports from multiple systems and found the data to be unreliable. Having global headcount reporting owned by HR has saved man-hours and relieved tension between the HR and finance organizations. HR is becoming more self-sufficient, which makes both organizations happy and more efficient. Envigo is excited for phase two, which includes performance, compensation, talent review, and succession planning globally.

Envigo worked with Oracle partner eVerge to diligently address the change management aspect of the project. It partnered from the very beginning by communicating the various stages of change ("change curve") that users were going to experience.

Envigo management continues to drive progress forward and provide support where needed. Its top three lessons learned are:

  • Work on the resilience of the team involved and understand what they need to keep moving forward. Keep personalities in mind.
  • Surround yourself with honest partners both in-house and externally.
  • Keep reminding stakeholders of the need to design, implement, and most importantly refine the plan. You never get 100 percent of what you want or need immediately, so be pragmatic.

Life Care Services—Lisa Ryan, Director, Human Resources
Lisa Ryan is a true game changer for Life Care Services (LCS). LCS is the fourth-largest senior living provider in the United States, managing more than 180 communities across the country. For many years, LCS was running its HR department on a legacy Oracle E-Business Suite solution, with disparate systems for talent. Shortly after starting at LCS and attending Oracle HCM World in 2015, Ryan spearheaded the initiative for LCS employees and leaders to have a “one-stop shop” for all the information they need. Deploying a fully integrated, easy-to-use, and mobile HCM platform was one of her top priorities for the organization. LCS is implementing full suite Oracle HCM Cloud for 22,000 employees at 180 different communities. "It is one integrated system," says Ryan.

Oracle HCM Cloud provides improved analytics for assessing turnover and recruiting. By using HR data analytics, LCS can see insights such as turnover being linked to failure to complete onboarding or training, whereas previously the company could only run turnover reports that showed who left from what department and how long they stayed. In the healthcare and senior living industry with low margins, obtaining funding for a project of this size was no small feat. However, Ryan led the charge to create a compelling business case for change that resulted in LCS' executive team approval of the Oracle HCM Cloud project.

MLC Life Insurance—Jacqui Huntington, Head of Organisational Development
MLC Life Insurance was acquired by Nippon Life from National Australia Bank (NAB) in 2016. As part of the transition, MLC Life Insurance had to exit all NAB HR applications by October 2017. MLC Life Insurance needed to rapidly stand-up a fully functional and comprehensive solution that provided a significant uplift from the existing SAP application. Oracle HCM Cloud provided the full spectrum of functionality to not only replace the existing on-premises functions, but also significantly improve the employee experience. Jacqui Huntington was the business owner of the HR project. She selected Accenture as the implementation partner to ensure the solution vastly improved the HR business processes, and made sure employee experience was front of mind during every design session.

Key success metrics included:

  • Less than six months from procuring environment to go-live
  • 100 percent data migration success rate
  • Zero significant defects in first weeks of go-live
  • 50 percent of users logged in the first day (75 percent by end of day 2)

Leveraging a One-Team mentality for the project put the focus on the solution, delivering on time and under budget with a near zero defect rate during hyper care. The Oracle HCM Cloud project became the model for 27 other projects being undertaken as part of the acquisition, including managing a very positive change to the business and employees.

NSF International—Wayne Overla, HR Manager
Manufacturers, regulators, and consumers look to NSF International for the development of public health standards and certification programs that help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products, and environment. NSF continues to grow and offer these services by way of acquisitions. It defines a successful acquisition as one that provides a seamless integration of the disparate workforce. NSF augmented support and removed the hassle of long email chains and approval workflows globally by leveraging Oracle HCM Cloud’s easy-to-use interface, which has also set a foundation for future integration with other systems for NSF.

Since the Oracle HCM Cloud project inception, NSF has acquired businesses in two additional countries, moving the country count from 26 to 28, and growing. The transition to Oracle HCM Cloud is just one step of the journey to enhance its technology, grow, retain the best talent, provide complete workforce insights, and increase the efficiency of NSF’s people processes to provide a “happily ever after” ending.

TiVo—Sharpy Sandhu, Vice President, Total Rewards and HR Operations
TiVo is a household favorite brand to those who strive for the ultimate home entertainment experience. The company’s technology inventions run deep: from the creation of the interactive program guide to the DVR. TiVo was acquired by Rovi in 2016 but retained the TiVo brand.

Rovi has been a customer of Oracle Talent Cloud for three years and successfully went through multiple new compensation cycles with Oracle Compensation Cloud. However, this merger proved challenging in blending the two different company cultures and moving TiVo onto Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Talent Cloud. Sharpy Sandhu was the executive sponsor during the purchase and implementation. She was integral in selecting Oracle HCM Cloud and in successfully merging the two companies with the rollout of new compensation plans using Oracle HCM Cloud. In the end, TiVo has successfully gone through multiple compensation cycles with organizational changes attributed to Oracle Compensation Cloud.

Wintrust—Joe Runtz, HRIS Manager
Wintrust began over a card table, a few cold beers, and the idea to be the alternative to the big banks. In 1991, Wintrust’s current CEO and one of the company’s founders, Ed Wehmer, set up shop in a storefront in a northern Chicago suburb. Twenty-five years and more than 150 locations later, it has stayed true to that original mission. Wintrust acquired many banks over the years and using Oracle HCM cloud has made those transitions seamless, including onboarding the new employees, getting them trained and enrolled in benefits, and more. With a limited but mighty team, this rapid growth was possible because Oracle HCM Cloud significantly streamlined the process and automated many items that had been manual.

Joe Runtz is highly regarded as an agent of change who is extremely grounded and open-minded. He was brought in when the HCM project was 75 percent implemented and facing some challenges. He was able to work with Oracle and his internal team to get the project back on track, renew with Oracle, and make it a successful implementation. Now Wintrust’s legacy as a family of locally owned banks lives on.

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