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Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Rental Management

Strengthen your rental operations

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Rental Management enables customers to manage the rental of capital equipment, inventory items, and selling of associated products and services. Manage the entire rental process from creating the contract to receiving and servicing the returned equipment. View what equipment is currently rented out, down being serviced, and what is on reserved for future rentals.

  • Rental Management screenshot 1

    Rental Management Page: Set up pertinent information using Watchlists. Organize applications in job specific work flow.

  • Rental Management screenshot 2

    Rental Item Workbench: View availability of rental items, and associated rental contracts.

  • Rental Management screenshot 3

    Rental Contract Details: Lists rented equipment, associated services, and consumables sold on the contract.

  • Rental Management screenshot 4

    Related Orders by Contract: View all related orders for a rental contract and drill down into each related order for additional information.

  • Rental Management screenshot 5

    UX One Rental Operations Manager Page: Improve efficiency and profitability of rental operations through enhanced operational visibility.

  • Rental Management screenshot 6

    Rental Item Availability: Day-by-day breakup of item availability, taking into consideration actual quantities on rental contracts and reservations and expected date of return of the rental item.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Rental Management
  • Use the Rental Workbench to view real-time availability information, such as, availability of equipment, number of items on hand, future reservations, returned items, and the status of the return- is it out for service and repairs
  • Tailor contract defaults by division and customer
  • Sell additional products and services (deliver, pick up, servicing) using the same rental contract enables your employees to provide better customer service by streamlining the process
  • Automatically create all the related orders for a rental contract, including: Sales Order, Purchase Order and Service Order
  • Use the UX One Rental Operations Manager role to quickly see alerts for contracts and related orders requiring attention, analyze data regarding profitability, item usage, and volume of business, and easily access Rental Management programs
  • Use the Rental Item Availability chart to view real-time information about items that are rented, committed to reservation, and available for rent
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Rental Management

For companies that rent out their capital equipment, this product provides the ability to view equipment availability, create rental contracts, track equipment location and status, and bill customers for ongoing rent of capital equipment. It manages the movement of assets in and out of inventory as they are rented out, and returned and serviced at the end of the rental contract.

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