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Get Started with Oracle Autonomous JSON Database for free

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is a document database cloud service that makes it simple to develop JSON-centric applications. It’s easy to get started with the Oracle Cloud Free Tier using two always-free Autonomous Database instances with 1 OCPU and 20GB of storage each. Developers also get US$300 in free credits for a 30-day trial of a wide range of other Oracle Cloud services.

Develop applications with Oracle Autonomous JSON Database

Learn how to develop applications faster with open-source document APIs and store JSON documents natively without worrying about data models.

Simplify the document database development experience and save money

Understand Oracle Autonomous JSON Database features and why it costs less than MongoDB Atlas.

Step 1

Create and login to your Oracle cloud account

Create an account through a web browser or mobile device. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Sign up for a free Oracle Cloud account
  • Read the welcome email for access details
  • Login to the free Oracle Cloud account
step 1

Step 2

Create an Oracle Autonomous JSON Database

Developers access the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console after the sign-up process is complete and the web interface makes it simple for them to create databases. Additionally, developers can choose to deploy databases via REST APIs, the OCI CLI, or SDKs.

  • Use SQL Developer Web with SODA collection APIs
  • Develop REST interfaces for Autonomous JSON Database
  • Use SODA APIs for REST with Autonomous JSON Database
step 2

Step 3

Build an application in popular programming languages

Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) is a set of NoSQL-style APIs that let developers create and store JSON documents natively in Oracle Database. Developers can perform create, read (retrieve), update, and delete (CRUD) operations without needing to know Structured Query Language (SQL). The SODA APIs support popular programming languages and the representational state transfer (REST) architecture.

Java Application

  • Install JDK
  • Connect to Autonomous JSON Database
  • Configure JDBC driver
  • Install and configure SODA for Java

Node.js application

  • Install Node.js
  • Install node-oracledb
  • Connect to Autonomous JSON Database
  • Install and configure SODA for Node

Python Application

  • Install Python
  • Install cx_oracle
  • Connect to Autonomous JSON Database
  • Install and configure SODA for Python


  • Access it through Service Console in Autonomous Database
  • Click Development tab
  • Use the URL in RESTful Services and SODA card to get stated


  • Oracle SQL Developer Command Line (SQLcl) provides a command line interface for SODA
  • Use Oracle SQL Developer Command Line (SQLcl) to work with SODA collections directly
  • Perform CRUD operations on JSON documents using SQL


  • SODA for PL/SQL APIs provide full SQL support
  • Perform CRUD operations on JSON documents using SQL
  • Query JSON documents using SQL

August 13, 2020

Introducing Oracle Autonomous JSON Database for application developers

Beda Hammerschmidt, Senior Architect, Oracle. co/author of the SQL/JSON standard

Fantastic news for developers! Today, Oracle announced the availability of Autonomous JSON Database—a new cloud service built for developers who are looking for an easy to use, cost-effective JSON database with simple NoSQL API's. Autonomous JSON Database provides all the core capabilities of MongoDB along with high performance, simple elasticity, full ACID support and complete SQL functionality.

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