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Oracle Construction Project Delivery Solution

Transform Construction Project Management

Oracle’s Construction Project Delivery connects teams and processes in the cloud to improve outcomes across project activities, including scheduling, project controls, design and construction coordination, and payments.

Project and Construction Execution Solution
Smart Cities overview bullets
  • Chose where to focus your transformation efforts
  • Enable whenever, wherever collaboration for all project participants
  • Streamline project planning, scheduling, and resource management
  • Gain full control of contracts, change, cost, and risk
  • Manage documents, correspondence, and models across teams
  • Digitize the entire subcontractor payment process
  • Track metrics and forecast trends with integrated analytics
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Oracle Prime's Lean Task Management digitizes Lean Construction. Hear from one builder who has seen the future of Lean
McCarthy Building Companies

Builder McCarthy turned to Oracle to digitize its lean construction processes and integrate task management with its CPM schedule.

Austin Commercial Improves Subcontractor Payment Management
Austin Commercial

Oracle drives invoicing and payment efficiency for Austin Commercial, yielding time and cost savings, and enabling rich financial analytics.

Graham Reduces RFI Turnaround by 50% Using Aconex
Graham Reduces RFI Turnaround by 50% Using Aconex

Learn how Graham dramatically reduced RFI turnaround on Canadian North Islands P3 hospital.


Primavera Unifier and P6 help Cordoba deliver comprehensive construction management and extraordinary project outcomes for Long Beach City College.

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