MLP Care prioritizes patients during COVID with Oracle License Management Services

Turkey’s largest private healthcare group undergoes an Oracle LMS audit to better understand and control licenses in its hybrid environment.


Oracle License Management Services worked with us to analyze our licenses and offer different options so we could optimize our usage. They were patient [during COVID-19] and understood that our priority was saving lives.

Bahadir Abes Head of Enterprise Resource Planning, MLP Care

Business challenges

MLP Sağlik Hizmetleri (MLP Care) is the largest private healthcare group in Turkey, with more than 5,000 beds and 17,000 employees across 13 cities. The group had moved a large part of its infrastructure to Oracle Cloud—rendering its on-premises licensing situation muddy.

The company knew that its licensing situation was a risk, with possibly unsupported licenses. Then, MLP Care was notified that Oracle License Management Services (Oracle LMS) would conduct an audit.

Because the audit began at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, MLP Care had to remain dedicated to delivering exemplary patient care while balancing the needs of the audit.

Do not be afraid of Oracle LMS. Use it to your advantage and to determine your company's next steps. Once you have your current license inventory under control, you can use your knowledge to make new purchases and understand where gaps might be.

Bahadir AbesHead of Enterprise Resource Planning, MLP Care

Why MLP Care chose Oracle

MLP Care knows that keeping track of licensing for many on-premises Oracle products can become complicated. Oracle License Management Services helps customers reduce risk by offering up-to-date, accurate views of usage and a robust auditing process. This puts customers in a stronger position for future growth while also avoiding financial risk by staying compliant with contracts.


Oracle LMS alerted the company to unused licenses and made recommendations for using existing ones. As a result, MLP Care reduced expenses and was better able to predict costs.

After Oracle LMS explained details about MLP Care’s license usage the company could make smarter decisions about future purchases. The group is planning to make new IT purchases to expand its ability to provide outstanding patient care, knowing that its licenses are in full compliance as it scales.

Publicado:September 16, 2022