Oracle License Management Services

Oracle License Management Services (LMS) is the established authority on Oracle licensing policy. We provide Oracle customers with an open, transparent, and definitive assessment of their compliance position. We achieve this with an engagement process that's designed to help customers measure actual usage versus their contractual entitlements, and to address the operational and financial risks associated with any unauthorized deployments.

A Customer-First Approach

The strategic goal of Oracle LMS is to consistently deliver best-practice audit experiences to our customers. This is done by developing more trusted working relationships with organizations and delivering an efficient audit process that, upon completion, leaves them in a stronger position for the future. It’s an approach designed to inspire a more proactive form of license management and to help customers validate the effectiveness of their internal controls, and through them, to maintain a compliant position.

Oracle License Management Services provided deep expertise and objective advice. We expanded our knowledge of Oracle licensing, optimized our Oracle investment, and ensured compliance, thereby, reducing legal and operational risks.”

Dr. Joerg Meyer Executive Director IT Services Group Infrastructure, Aurubis AG

Our Strategic Priority: Helping Customers Minimize Risk

Managing multiple licensing terms and conditions while maintaining an accurate, up-to-date view of usage can be a challenging endeavor. It’s also becoming increasingly difficult as IT environments move to the cloud, become ever-more virtual, and are constantly impacted by changes to organizational structures.

As a result, Oracle customers can become noncompliant without even realizing it, due to end-user behavior or a misinterpretation of their contractual entitlements. At Oracle LMS we appreciate that most instances of license overusage are unintentional, yet we have an equal responsibility to protect Oracle’s intellectual property.

That’s why our services are focused on collaboration and prevention, as well as enabling

  • Empowered customers with the visibility to proactively maintain their compliance position
  • Access to verified usage data that demonstrates the validity of internal controls

Leading Through Experience

As an organization exclusively focused on license management, Oracle LMS operates independently from any ongoing commercial discussions. Our services are delivered by a global team of highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants who collectively offer unrivaled knowledge on all aspects of Oracle’s licensing policy.

Oracle License Management Services was of great help to us during the establishment of the Oracle environment within the Data Center, as well as during every design change and equipment renewal. They were very patient and worked with us until they fully understood our goals and business needs, so I can recommend LMS to everyone who wants to use all the benefits of modern Oracle database technology optimally and in accordance with the Oracle license policy.”

Damir Kljajić CIO HRT Croatian Radiotelevision
Abengoa Simosa IT gains confidence after Oracle License Management Services audit
Leier Group clears a path for growth with Oracle License Management Services
Oracle License Management Services’ collaborative audit boosts Visy’s trust

Through the LMS audit, I found a process that added value to our Oracle license management by clearly defining our need to adjust and improve our systems. And—despite being in the middle of a harsh pandemic—the LMS consultant assisted us with patience and empathy throughout the process.”

Vicent Moncho Mas Director of Information Systems and Technologies, Marina Salud, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

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    • How does Oracle License Management Services (LMS) engage with customers and partners?

      Oracle LMS operates to a three-step "customer first" engagement process: initiate, investigate, inform. During each phase our interactions with customers and partners are open, transparent, and fully collaborative. We do this to minimize any disruption caused by a software audit, to help promote greater awareness of industry best practice, and to encourage ongoing engagement.

    • How long does an Oracle LMS audit take?

      Oracle LMS works collaboratively with customers to outline our process and agree on the appropriate steps required for each engagement. However, the length of the engagement is influenced by a number of factors that can impact the time needed to complete the process. For example, longer engagements can be attributed to the complexity of the corporate structure, of the system environment, and of the contractual arrangements in place. Oracle LMS is committed to completing all engagements as efficiently as possible while also ensuring we produce outcomes that meet the needs of both the customer and Oracle.

    • What are the causes of noncompliance situations?

      Noncompliance results from a lack of insight into a customer's software, hardware, and business application environments. There are many contributing factors that can lead to this situation, including:

      • Growth of the business in terms of increased workforce through recruitment, acquisitions, or mergers that result in increased usage volumes
      • Installation of unlicensed software
      • Misinterpretation or lack of understanding of Oracle's licensing policies, contract entitlements, and license agreements
      • Changes to the IT hardware environment such as the incorporation of additional servers or processors
      • Implementation of new software products or new business applications

      In addition, businesses operating with an assortment of license metrics (both obsolete and current metrics) are at additional risk of being licensed incorrectly. New technologies may not suit older license metrics and this can impact licensing status and potentially create a compliance risk.

      Oracle LMS consultants are able to work closely with customers and partners to accurately report usage levels across an extended business operation and to compare these to existing contractual entitlements. In addition, Oracle LMS can assess the controls in place for managing Oracle license provisioning and identify any vulnerability. These findings are then passed on to the customer or partner along with recommendations for addressing any known concerns.

    • What is Oracle’s licensing policy?

      Like other IT vendors in the IT marketplace, Oracle is concerned with intellectual property rights, copyright infringement, and piracy.

      To combat these risks, Oracle has defined a licensing policy that maintains both its contractual and intellectual property rights. These can be accessed at

      Oracle LMS is the only group within Oracle that is authorized to review and provide opinions on your compliance status. In doing so, Oracle LMS will provide guidance and education to assist you in managing your Oracle IT assets and in remaining compliant.

      Ultimately, when a business is noncompliant this has a direct impact on Oracle’s license and support revenue and therefore affects the level of investment we can make in research and development. As this investment and activity is essential for the continued innovation and evolution of Oracle's products and solutions, noncompliance of Oracle IT assets ultimately impacts our customers and the marketplace.

    • How do I contact Oracle License Management Services?

      Send an email to Oracle LMS.

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