Oracle LMS helps Misr Life Insurance optimize its IT infrastructure

The largest life insurance company in the Middle East works with Oracle License Management Services to improve software licensing compliance.


Oracle LMS helped us better understand the details around our Oracle licensing agreements and clarified important points related to the configuration of our servers.

Mohamed Ghareeb SalehCIO, Misr Life Insurance

Business challenges

Misr Life Insurance (MLI) offers individual and group life, pension, and health insurance programs across Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. Currently the largest life insurance company in the Middle East, MLI is a longtime user of Oracle technology. MLI considers its partnership with Oracle one of its deepest and strongest.

Working with Oracle LMS was very useful for me and for my team. It made us more aware of how to handle any new configurations or installations to ensure they won’t impact our licenses.

Mohamed Ghareeb SalehCIO, Misr Life Insurance

Why Misr Life Insurance chose Oracle

Misr Life Insurance used Oracle License Management Services (LMS) to obtain a clearer understanding of its Oracle licensing agreements and ensure it was in full compliance with them. The company’s infrastructure depends on Oracle technology, and MLI was intrigued when Oracle LMS dove deep into software asset management and offered the organization the opportunity to gain a complete understanding of its licenses.


Oracle LMS conducted an open and definitive audit of MLI’s licensing position and helped the company measure actual usage versus contractual entitlements. In doing so, Oracle LMS helped MLI identify several gaps related to how its virtual machines were configured. The Oracle LMS team then helped MLI address those gaps to ensure compliance and reduce operational and financial risks associated with any unauthorized deployments.

Oracle LMS also provided MLI with a better understanding of Oracle licensing and partitioning policies and introduced the company to principles of software asset management, which will enable it to manage its hardware assets more effectively, improve performance, and lower costs in the future.

Published:October 11, 2022