Leier Group clears a path for growth with Oracle License Management Services

Oracle License Management Services help European construction giant Leier Group align its business and IT goals to drive aggressive growth.


Continual growth through acquisition is essential for our business, and licensing clarity gives us the insight to expand with confidence. The Oracle LMS team was always there when we needed them, providing active support to ensure success.

Zsuzsanna CzitaChief Information Officer, Leier Group

Business challenges

Leier Group is a Central European-based construction and building services company currently operating in seven countries across Europe. The company depends on a dynamic acquisition strategy, which adds complexity to its IT licensing environment.

Leier Group needed to identify its current users, ensure proper licensing for future acquisitions, and ensure compliance. The company also wanted to increase its rigor around future IT spend without straining internal resources with a time-consuming audit.

Oracle LMS assurance empowered us with a comprehensive picture of our current usage and licensing needs. Their steadfast partnership made the process totally transparent, giving us more certainty around IT spend so we could expand the volume of our existing licenses and equip the new members of the Leier Group with the solutions they need to thrive.

Zsuzsanna CzitaChief Information Officer, Leier Group

Why Leier Group chose Oracle

For a company that moves as fast as Leier Group, efficiency is key. The organization partners with Oracle for both its technology and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP, so it had confidence that Oracle License Management Services (LMS) would deliver thorough assurance at the speed of their business.


The assurance process gave Leier Group a clear view of its current-state license environment so that it could move forward on acquisitions with confidence. Oracle LMS helped the company understand who its existing users were and how many additional licenses would be necessary for ongoing and future acquisitions. This allowed Leier Group to ensure the efficient allocation of IT resources, eliminate waste and redundancy across IT, and make its technology spend more predictable.

After the assessment, Oracle LMS determined that Leier Group needed additional licenses to rapidly achieve its goals. Not only did the company add licenses, but it was also able to extend its customer definitions, control costs, remain compliant, and empower newly acquired group members. By demonstrating helpful expertise and seamless collaboration, Oracle LMS acted as a true strategic partner, ensuring that Leier Group stakeholders allocated their time efficiently and were able to focus on more growth-oriented activity.

Published:September 9, 2022