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An audit process tailored to meet your needs

Oracle LMS services are designed to help customers ensure they are making the most of their Oracle investments in an effective and compliant manner.

Delivering Effective License Management

Central to services delivery is an audit process that can be tailored to accommodate a customer’s business requirements and timeframes and are independent from any ongoing commercial activities. This is a process that provides the factual evidence customers need to assess the effectiveness of their internal software asset management controls and to compare actual usage of deployed Oracle products versus contractual entitlements. As a result, customers can fully align license usage to business strategy and minimize the financial risk of noncompliance.

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Audit Service

Oracle LMS Audit Services help organizations get a detailed evaluation of their current deployed Oracle estate. During the engagement we will deploy data collection tools to create a factual record of actual usage and then use this insight to verify the total number of Oracle assets in use, to reconcile actual usage versus contractual entitlements, and to provide guidance for addressing any resulting gaps. In addition, this data can be used to highlight any weaknesses with the internal controls put in place to manage license deployments, thereby allowing IT to make more-informed decisions for taking corrective action.

Assurance Services

The Oracle LMS Assurance Service is designed to help customers build confidence in their purchasing decisions. When questions arise on current licenses or planned purchases within their organization, customers may request the Assurance Service to seek verification that their decisions align with Oracle’s Licensing Policy. Customers may choose singular or multiple products or locations for which information is needed and Oracle will work with them to discuss their preferred data collection methodologies, and deliver tailored feedback and analysis upon which customers can rely. The process is open, collaborative and specific to the needs of the customer. The Assurance Service gives customers the proactive guidance they need to move their organization forward while adhering confidently to their Oracle software license and service agreements.

LMS Assurance Service FAQ (PDF) LMS Assurance Service Fact Sheet (PDF)

Due Diligence Service

The Oracle LMS Due Diligence Service enables our stakeholders to engage with LMS outside of an Audit or Assurance to confirm if a compliance situation exist and any action is required. A Due Diligence request can originate by a member of Oracle to assist a customer with the intent of resolving compliance matters (existing or planned). During the engagement, we work directly with customers to assess actual or planned usage against contractual entitlements, and to provide guidance for addressing any potential license gaps. Due Diligence service is only available for the Java SE program.

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