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Ampere A1 Compute

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ampere Altra A1 compute platform provides deterministic performance, linear scalability, and a secure architecture. Customers can leverage the industry’s first 160-core Arm server at only $0.01 per core hour and flexible virtual machines with 1-80 cores and 1-64 GB of memory per core.

OCI Ampere A1 compute instances are now Arm SystemReady VE certified, ensuring seamless interoperability across standard operating systems and software.

Why Arm processors?

The data center and public cloud markets are changing, and Arm processors are coming to servers in a big way. Learn more why you should consider using Arm compute for building your next generation of applications.

Get started with Ampere A1 Compute instances

Get started with your Arm-based development project using Oracle Cloud Free Tier. For additional capacity, apply to the Arm Accelerator program and get free Oracle Cloud credits valid for 365 days.

Develop and deploy with speed

Jumpstart your development projects with the Oracle Linux Developer image for Arm. Deploy application stacks such as WordPress, Apache Tomcat, and MySQL Database with a single click.

Read the Moor Insights & Strategy technical brief.

Explore OCI Ampere A1 Compute platform

Leading price-performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers Ampere Altra processors with an industry-leading 80 cores per CPU, with all cores capable of running at the maximum frequency of 3.0 Ghz consistently. Each core comes with its own 64 KB L1 I-cache, 64 KB L1 D-cache, and a huge 1 MB L2 D-cache, and delivers predictable performance.

Combined with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s high-performance cloud architecture, Ampere’s Altra processor delivers the best price-performance in the cloud.

Ampere A1 compute shapes are available in both bare metal with 160 cores and flexible VMs with up to 80 cores at a penny a core pricing, with cores billed at $0.01 per OCPU-hour and memory billed at $0.0015 per GB-hour in all regions.

Flexible cores and memory

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers customers the option of Arm-based compute in three offerings: powerful bare metal servers with most Arm cores available today, flexible VM shapes for precisely right-sizing your workloads, and Dedicated Region Cloud @Customer for customers who have demanding latency or data locality requirements.

Our uniquely flexible VM shapes scale from 1-80 cores and 1-64 GB of memory per core. Now you can select the specific number of cores and the amount of memory when creating or resizing your VM. This flexibility lets you build VMs that better match your workload requirements, so that you can get the best performance while optimizing on cost.

Enhanced security

Ampere A1 compute platform is powered by Altra Arm processors. Each core of Altra processor is single-threaded and has its own resources. By running one thread per core, there is no sharing of the execution engine, registers, and L1/L2 cache between threads, which minimizes the attack surface for exploits. This eliminates the potential core- sharing, thread-security issues that have occurred recently and enhances the security posture of the processor.

Coupled with the security built-in the Altra processors, Oracle Cloud’s security-first approach spans across compute, network, and storage. It’s complemented by essential security services to provide the required levels of security for your most business-critical workloads.

Linear scalability and predictable performance

System performance is critical to cloud workloads. Ampere’s Altra processor is designed to deliver predictable performance at the scale needed for the cloud. Ampere Altra processor’s single-threaded core ensures that there is no contention for a core’s resources. These Arm-based CPUs do not rely on turbo core frequencies to deliver much higher performance per thread for specific workloads under the right circumstances. For cloud workloads this means predictable performance with sustained 3.0Ghz max frequency. Now cloud customers will get exactly what they pay for.

Altra’s single threaded core and cache design also ensures that performance scales nearly linearly as you increase the number of cores. This especially benefits processor intensive workloads like media encoding, encryption, AI inferencing and certain HPC workloads.

Rich developer ecosystem

Oracle works closely with an array of technology and open-source partners to enable our customers to gain access to the latest technology and in-depth expertise of the partner ecosystem. For customers to take advantage of the latest in Arm technology, Oracle brings forth ISV developer tools, open source organizations such as GitLab, Jenkins, Docker, and technology partners such as Arm to support our customers to build and run server-side Arm-based solutions fast and port existing applications seamlessly. Oracle offers Arm ports for Oracle Linux, Java, and MySQL to jumpstart your development on A1 compute platform.

Compute choices for all your workloads

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides several compute options: You can create bare metal instances, VMs, containers, or run serverless functions using Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and Ampere CPU/GPU architectures. With the addition of Ampere Altra Arm 64 bit CPUs, customers get additional choice and diversity to run their workloads. Customers can deploy applications on containers, bare metal servers, and VMs in the Oracle public cloud or Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer. OCI’s Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is ideal for customers who want the power of the cloud and the performance of Ampere A1 bare metal and VM shapes in their own data center.

Choice of operating systems and runtimes

The A1 compute platform supports commonly used Linux distributions such as Oracle Linux, and Ubuntu. All these images are easily accessible and can be deployed from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console. The Oracle Linux Developer image for A1 platform includes runtime languages support for Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, Go, and C/C++. The developer image enables you to install, configure and launch a development environment that includes common programming languages and OCI client tools and utilities.

Customers and partners


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Arm-based Compute comes to OCI in partnership with Ampere

Arm-based Compute now on OCI in partnership with Ampere

Ampere A1 Compute use cases

  • General-purpose workloads

    Ampere A1 Compute provides superior price-performance for general-purpose workloads such as web servers, application servers, and containers. Ampere Altra- based A1 compute shapes offer balanced performance and an optimal price point for cloud based scale-out workloads such as NGINX and web applications.

    NGINX performance blog

  • Mobile application development

    A1 Compute offers up to 160 cores. The high core count, single-thread per core is ideal for arm native development of mobile applications. Developing applications on A1 compute eliminates the need of an emulator or nested virtualization and this leads to superior performance.

  • Computationally-intensive and scientific applications

    Arm processors are commonly used for high performance computationally intensive and scientific applications such as AI/ML inferencing, media transcoding, and running HPC stacks like CFD, WRF, OPENFAM, GROMACS, BLAST, BeeGFS, and NAMD.

    x264 performance blog

  • In-memory cache and databases

    From databases to analytics, Arm compute delivers predictable performance for databases such as Redis and MySQL. Memory-heavy workloads and multithreaded applications such as in-memory databases and key-value stores run well and offer great price-performance on Arm-based compute servers.

Ampere A1 Compute pricing

Compute - Virtual Machine Instances

Comparison Price ( /vCPU)*
Unit Price
Compute – Ampere A1 – OCPU

OCPU per hour
Compute – Ampere A1 – Memory

Gigabyte per hour

Compute - Bare Metal Instances

Comparison Price ( /vCPU)*
Unit Price
Compute – Ampere A1 – OCPU

OCPU per hour
Compute – Ampere A1 – Memory

Gigabyte per hour

1 OCPU on Arm CPU Architecture (Ampere) = 1 vCPU

The first 3K OCPU-hrs and the first 18K GB-hrs each month is free for Ampere A1 shape.

*To make it easier to compare pricing across cloud service providers, Oracle web pages show both vCPU (virtual CPUs) prices and OCPU (Oracle CPU) prices for products with compute-based pricing. The products themselves, provisioning in the portal, billing, etc. continue to use OCPU (Oracle CPU) units. OCPUs represent physical CPU cores. Most CPU architectures, including x86, execute two threads per physical core, so 1 OCPU is the equivalent of 2 vCPUs for x86-based compute. The per-hour OCPU rate customers are billed at is therefore twice the vCPU price since they receive two vCPUs of compute power for each OCPU, unless it’s a sub-core instance such as preemptible instances.

April 17, 2023

Achieve up to 50% better price-performance for big data workloads on OCI Ampere A1 Compute

Kailas Jawadekar, Director of Product Marketing

Apache Spark is an open-source, distributed processing system used for big data workloads. It utilizes in-memory caching and optimized query processing for fast analytic queries against data of any size. It provides APIs in Java, Scala, and Python. Spark supports multiple operations in real-time analytics, batch processing, interactive queries, and machine learning.

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