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Oracle B2B Marketing

Win and keep customers by responding to their digital signals in the immediate time of need. Oracle B2B Marketing is marketing automation at its finest. It helps you collect and understand real-time insights and then use those insights to engage, convert, and nurture buyer relationships through personalized cross-channel campaigns.

Discover how you can personalize marketing for B2B buyers.

Oracle Cloud CX Virtual Summit

Personalized Marketing in the Experience Economy

Customer experience matters more than ever. Watch the Oracle Cloud CX Virtual Summit replay to see our latest innovations in marketing and learn what Oracle is doing to help you interpret customer signals and deliver experiences that ensure business longevity.

Explore Oracle B2B Marketing

Find the best leads and deliver brilliant B2B marketing campaigns that interact with customers in their preferred channels. Create targeted, cross-channel campaigns and personalize communications with advanced lead management and marketing automation.

Eloqua marketing automation

Find the best leads and deliver brilliant B2B marketing campaigns that interact with customers in their preferred channels. Create targeted, cross-channel campaigns and personalize communications with advanced lead management and marketing automation.

Targeting and segmentation

Connect and activate data from multiple sources to define segments that improve customer engagement. Continuously measure the performance of those key segments to ensure each message is appropriate and relevant.

Campaign orchestration

Orchestrate dynamic campaigns that intelligently adapt to buyers’ activities in real time.

Lead management

Use lead scoring—that updates immediately while allowing for flexibility in using different scoring models across campaigns—to uncover and, within minutes, send high-quality leads to sales.

Sales and marketing alignment

Align and then keep marketing and sales aligned through unified buyer and account intelligence that simplifies the identification of high-value opportunities and top-tier accounts.

Maxymiser personalization and testing

Make data-driven decisions that improve your websites and mobile apps. Create connected customer experiences with Maxymiser’s easy-to-use tools for testing and personalization.

Testing and targeting

Uncover what works and what converts using seamless website tools that let you run A/B testing or complex multivariate testing.

Personalization and recommendations

Use data from any source and build complete customer profiles for more precise online targeting, personalization, and recommendations.

Predictive insights

Uncover promising opportunities, drive incremental revenue, and discover customer preferences using Maxymiser’s automated insight capabilities.

Mobile app optimization

Build and deliver tests to optimize your mobile and app experiences with the help of an easy-to-use visual editor.

Infinity digital analytics and data streaming

Utilize this data streaming and digital analytics tool to help you harness online data. Collect and process that data in real time to deliver actionable customer intelligence at scale.

Data collection

Quickly and securely gather large volumes of digital activity data across all your websites and apps.

Data management

Build unique profiles to gain deeper levels of insight from your data.

Data reporting

Select from a variety of prebuilt reports or build custom reports to gain valuable insights from your data.

Data activation

Connect your real-time data to every part of the customer journey to create and automate the triggering of real-time customer interactions.

BlueKai data management platform (DMP)

Create precise target audiences by using specific buyer interests and actionable information to personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns.

Cross-device campaigns

Visualize and plan cross-device campaigns. With Oracle DMP, you can precisely define who you want to analyze and target.

ID graph

Combine disparate data and make it actionable. Unite data sources to form unique customer profiles and personalize your marketing programs.

Media and data ecosystem

Use our proprietary integrations and published APIs to move your data across owned, partnered, and licensed technologies.

CrowdTwist customer loyalty and engagement marketing

Drive purchase frequency and deepen customer relationships through personalized loyalty and reward programs.

Customer engagement

Broaden understanding by building customer profiles that capture data at every point of customer engagement and can be used to personalize interactions and offerings.

Customized program design

Build loyalty programs around your brand’s unique objectives and most loyal customers using our flexible SaaS platform.

Segmentation, tier levels, and personalization

Refine segments, personalize loyalty campaigns, and offer relevant rewards and benefits that drive continued engagement and spend.

Rewards management

Motivate customers and drive continued purchasing and engagement using flexible tools that allow you to design a reward strategy specific to your brand.

Reporting and analytics

Evaluate your loyalty program, engagement behavior, and member spend using our self-service analytics tool.

DataFox account intelligence

Leverage trusted company data and real-time signals to drive more successful, personalized marketing campaigns and sales programs. With continually updated AI-sourced and human-verified data automatically permeated throughout your workflows, you stay up to date regarding your customers’ changing needs.

Enriched customer profiles

Enrich account records with more than 70 firmographic data points and 68 types of real-time signals. Profile and classify your customer base, improve campaigns with niche segmentation, and enhance efficiency with rich, data-infused workflows.

Profiles of ideal customers

Create an ideal account profile to better-define your prospective target audience with insights gleaned from data regarding traits common to that ideal customer.

Prioritize and grow companies

Prioritize and grow your universe of target companies with a scoring model that provides consistent ranking methodologies for prospect companies. Shrink time to revenue by focusing first on businesses with the highest potential.

Monitor real-time company signals

Use real-time signal data to monitor news on prospective companies and identify when they hit key milestones. Then have more productive conversations with those customers and prospects.

Content management

Connect content and deliver consistent, relevant customer experiences across all applications and channels. It's personalized content delivered at scale thanks to the power of AI.

Content and recommendations

Using smart content, assemble, curate, and create the right content to build highly personalized customer experiences.

Advanced video support

Create and manage videos that get customers’ attention and keep them engaged. Video tagging, collaboration, and easy publishing make the process simple.

Omnichannel delivery

Put content in the right place and make it available whenever and wherever customers engage with your brand.

Collaboration and workflow

Work within and across teams using productivity tools connected to our centralized content hub.

Flexible integrations and scalability

Create and add content from popular applications through integrations that let you augment Oracle CX Content features with smart authoring and digital asset management.

Oracle Unity—customer intelligence platform

Go beyond the typical customer data platform (CDP) to a complete customer intelligence platform. With built-in AI and machine learning, Oracle Unity helps you connect data to create a single, dynamic profile view of each customer and activate them in real-time.

Unified customer profile

Bring your front- and back-office data together into a single, 360-degree customer profile that updates in real-time.

Profile enrichment

Enrich the first-party data in your customer profiles with smart data. Calculate key indicators from your data and add attributes from second- and third-party data sources.


Better understand customer intent and target relevant messaging to specific groups using intelligent segmentation.

Customer engagement measurements

Measure customer engagement using AI and machine learning to predict, model, and recommend the best experience for your campaigns.Personalized experiences

Personalized experiences

Use actionable intelligence to create the best experience for all individuals and maintain context across their entire customer journey. Oracle Unity integrates seamlessly into other customer experience (CX) applications for faster time to value.

View more customer successes

B2B Marketing customer successes

See how companies of all sizes are using Oracle B2B Marketing as their marketing automation solution to meet customer needs and deliver unique selling experiences—no matter the industry, business model, or channel.

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The Dow Chemical Company boosts marketing campaign impact with Oracle CX Marketing.

Key benefits

  • Improve conversion rates

    Collect data from more places, apply intelligence at scale, and use learned insights. Identify and nurture key target accounts and individuals and deliver consistent, personalized, and relevant experiences that drive action.

  • Shorten sales cycles

    Unified data aligns sales and marketing activities which, in turn, provides a clearer understanding of the customer, consistent messaging, and better implementation of customer feedback.

  • Maximize marketing efficiency

    Deliver the right message in the moments that matter to engage buyers, allowcate spend effectively, and convert leads faster.

  • Expand revenue

    Know your customers better to drive cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, increase customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, and increase customer lifetime value.

  • Differentiate through sophisticated marketing campaigns

    Provide the tools marketers need to harness their intuition and creativity to orchestrate amazing B2B campaigns—that go above and beyond the competition—and draw customers in through irresistible experiences.

Key benefits
July 19, 2020

What Iconic Leaders Do During Times of Disruption

Srijana Angdembey, Social Marketing Director, Oracle

Get advice from expert Scott McKain, an award-winning author and speaker. He is passionate about CX and coaches organizations and professionals to create distinction so they can stand out. During times of disruption and upheaval, iconic leaders and organizations play offense, not defense.

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Topliners community

Part of the Oracle community, Topliners is a content-rich, engaging, and interactive space to share information, questions, and comments about CX Marketing solutions and related technologies.

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Develop your B2B Marketing skills

Oracle University provides learning solutions to help build cloud skills, validate expertise, and accelerate adoption. Learn more about training and certification you can rely on to ensure your organization's success.

Eloqua Help Center

Eloqua Help Center

The Eloqua Help Center provides you with product documentation and videos to help you become successful with B2B marketing automation. Learn about what’s new, user basics, and how to get started.

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