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Effectively manage every category of field services worker

For many field service organizations, it makes sense to leverage contingent workers and/or contractors. By only bringing on workers when needed, it’s possible to easily service large areas while effectively managing costs. Oracle Field Service makes it easy to onboard and schedule field resources based on their organizational status. Quickly define and identify in-house resources, dedicated contractors, and/or contingent workers to manage your hybrid workforce more strategically.

Effectively manage every category of field services worker

Key benefits of Oracle Field Service for teams with contingent workers

  • Seamless management of field employees, contractors, and contingent workers through a unified interface
  • Quickly and easily identify and schedule contingent workers
  • Configure your field workforce scheduling in a way that suits your specific business processes
  • Benefit from the flexibility and agility provided by a contingent workforce
  • BYOD-friendly, enabling quick contingent worker/contractor onboarding through a browser-based mobile app, iOS app, or Android app

Boost field service flexibility and agility

In field service, flexibility and agility are no longer competitive differentiators—they are must-haves. Many businesses fill their staffing gaps with a hybrid mobile workforce; a mix of full-time field employees and contingent workers from independent third-party companies. Others rely solely on third-parties to support their field services.

Third-party or contingent workers are contracted to do work on behalf of the organizations that retain their services. Often this type of field worker is only called upon when a specific need arises. For example:

  • Are assignments across a wide area?
  • Is the service request a one-time event?
  • Does your business model not support the hiring of full-time mobile employees?

Oracle Field Service allows businesses to easily manage any worker type—full-time employees or contractors/contingent workers. It makes it easy to identify field resources, configure job assignments in a breeze, and offer flexible licensing models. Plus, with native iOS and Android apps as well as broad, browser-based access your contingent workers can be easily onboarded and access work assignments from the mobile devices they use every day.

Oracle Field Service provides a cost-effective way to manage different varieties of field service teams—from all employees to hybrid to all full contingent workers—helping to ensure a greater ROI. It provides all the options needed to get the right mobile worker onsite no matter their classification.

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