Let’s make healthcare more human

Join our journey to advance how health happens. Put your expertise to work empowering patients, supporting clinicians, and saving lives.

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Careers that care

Grow and innovate while developing a global, personalized health ecosystem that will help improve billions of lives.

  • Consulting and support

    Improve how clients care for patients as part of our implementation consulting or client support teams. Make an impact through integrating new solutions, system support, and more.

  • Clinical

    Make a global impact with your medical knowledge. Help shape our vast medical ecosystem and improve patient care in diverse roles from registered nurses to microbiologists.

  • Engineering and technology

    Use your skills to bring patients and clinicians closer through technology. Help develop and deliver the global, personalized health ecosystem that’s improving billions of lives.

  • Sales, marketing, and strategy

    Drive positive change in health by sharing our solutions with the world. Use your natural creativity in sales, relationship management, marketing, and strategy to lead the conversation.

  • Project management

    Lead the critical projects and programs that power healthcare innovation. Manage cross-functional teams and collaborate with stakeholders and leadership to drive cutting-edge strategies and initiatives.

  • Other roles

    Don't see the role you're looking for? Check out our other available roles.

Why join Oracle Health?

  • Join our mission

    We’re advancing how health happens with technologies that empower patients, support clinicians, and save lives. Our mission? To create human-centric healthcare powered by global data.

  • Improve global healthcare

    We’re helping clinicians spend more time with patients by developing a global, personalized health ecosystem that offers a holistic view of health.

  • Grow and innovate

    Collaboration is key to creating a fairer, more equitable healthcare experience. We’re multidisciplinary by nature and not afraid to learn from each other.

  • Make healthcare human

    We empower people to manage their own health and data. By putting patients at the center of their care, we make healthcare more inclusive and transparent.

Innovating every day

  • Rebekah Butterfield, Innovation Scientist

    “We are working to give patients access and authority over their own data and to enable public health workers to track something like SARS-CoV-2 as it spreads and stop it before it gets bad.”

  • Barry Pellas, GVP Product Development

    “We're excited to collaborate across the different technology spaces within Oracle, and we're really excited that we have an opportunity to build a healthcare ecosystem solves human-centric problems in the industry”

  • John Romano, UX Innovation Director

    “We're trying to transform healthcare, and to do that we can't think in the same terms that people thought that got us here! We have to think in a new way—that creates a lot of excitement.”

  • Mag Atem, Senior Operations Engineer

    “When I came in, I met a team and a culture that is so inclusive, so supportive. There’s a great atmosphere of learning, but also a platform to contribute your knowledge.”


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