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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate is a managed service providing a real-time data mesh platform, which uses replication to keep data highly available, and enabling real-time analysis. Customers can design, execute, and monitor their data replication and stream data processing solutions without the need to allocate or manage compute environments.

OCI GoldenGate Service delivers operational and analytic integration (27:14)

Oracle CloudWorld announcements

GoldenGate news

Top six GoldenGate announcements

Oracle GoldenGate Free

Get GoldenGate for free and deploy it anywhere

OCI GoldenGate Stream Analytics

Reimagine analytics for data-in-motion

Oracle GoldenGate Big Data Targets

New flexible pricing

OCI GoldenGate new connections

More than 30 new sources, targets, and platforms

Oracle GoldenGate 23c beta

Latest GoldenGate version certified with Oracle Database 23c

Download Oracle GoldenGate 21c

The latest release of Oracle GoldenGate brings extreme performance with simplified configuration and management, tighter integration with Oracle Database, and enhanced security.

Webcasts: Future of Data Integration—The Data Mesh

Learn about the usefulness of a Data Mesh to create Data Products implemented with Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Stream Analytics, and Apache Kafka.

Ebook: Enterprise Data Mesh

Explore the principles, use cases, and examples of Oracle customers deploying a data mesh.

Wikibon logo

“Wikibon believes that the close integration of GoldenGate with OCI significantly changes the skill and time required to set up and maintain these environments. Wikibon believes this integration is a gamechanger and expands its potential use to enterprises of any size.”

sailgp logo

SailGP depends on real-time data movement and analytics to win the race

SailGP uses real-time race data and analytics to further the excitement of competitive sailing. From the water and in the air, real-time telemetry is delivered across a data mesh built with Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Stream Analytics.


GoldenGate announcements at Oracle CloudWorld

New releases, products, connections, and pricing for GoldenGate were announced at Oracle CloudWorld. Read the blog below to learn more about each of these announcements: GoldenGate 23c, GoldenGate Free, GoldenGate for Big Targets, GoldenGate for MongoDB, and OCI GoldenGate’s addition of Stream Analytics as well as new multicloud sources and targets.

Read the complete post

GoldenGate solutions


Customer community

Join a community of your peers

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Overview and architecture

Oracle Stream Analytics

Analytics for data in motion

Oracle Management Pack for GoldenGate

Management and monitoring

GoldenGate for Big Data

Supports all sources/targets
Логотип «Планирование, внедрение, инновации» Планирование, внедрение, инновации

Компания Oracle предоставляет как передовые технологии, так и необходимую поддержку на каждом этапе вашей работы: от планирования и внедрения наших систем до дальнейших инновационных решений.

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