Database with PostgreSQL Features

Fully managed

OCI Database with PostgreSQL dynamically scales storage based on your requirements, ensures that the systems are always up to date with the latest security fixes, automates backups, and frees DBAs from the constant loop of routine tasks while staying true to open-source code.

Versatile and extensible

OCI Database with PostgreSQL features a unique combination of traditional RDBMS features and support for non-relational operations as well as the extensibility to add functionally, data types, and even different coding languages.

High performance

By uniquely decoupling storage from the database engine, Oracle delivers 3X the performance of open-source PostgreSQL.1

Ease of operations

OCI Database with PostgreSQL is designed to reduce the need for routine tasks such as patching, monitoring, logging, and notifications, allowing database administrators to focus on more pressing responsibilities. As a result, it's a fully managed service that dynamically scales storage, maintains optimum performance, and is fortified with the latest security fixes.

Database Optimized Storage

  1. Pay only for the storage you use with an elastic cloud storage solution that autoscales based on usage. Maximum database availability and efficient resource utilization ensure that your storage grows and shrinks with use.
  2. Leverage an ultra–high performance database storage for workloads that have the highest I/O requirements. The block volume can scale up to a maximum of 300,000 IOPS on the volume.

Disaster recovery

The distributed nature across multiple fault domains and availability domains guarantees not only enhanced performance but also high availability. To protect against regional failure you can deploy a disaster recovery database instance in the closest secondary region. This translates to rapid data recovery and minimizes business disruptions.

Flexible configurations

The PostgreSQL service on OCI supports both single- and multi-node configurations, catering to various enterprise needs. This provides customizable configurations that adapt to business scale and requirements.

Lower your TCO

OCI Database with PostgreSQL can deliver a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for your business. It offers an optimal price/performance ratio, leading to significant cost savings and helps keep operational costs down while ensuring the database remains up and running.

Commitment to open source

With seamless integration to the world's most advanced open source database—PostgreSQL—OCI Database with PostgreSQL offers more than a robust database solution. Oracle is committed to supporting popular open source technologies that our customers can confidently deploy in business-critical environments.

1. Performance comparison between same configurations for OCI Database with PostgreSQL and unmanaged standard PostgreSQL on OCI. Architecture is based in mixed workload on a primary using 6 Nodes with 16 OCPU, 256GB RAM and VM.Standard.E4.Flex shape and PostgreSQL version: 14.9.