Oracle Database at CloudWorld

Learn all about the latest innovations in Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Database, and Exadata. Explore new approaches to building applications that use any data or run any workload and can be deployed for hybrid, multicloud, and dedicated environments.

Join us to discover how Oracle makes modern apps and analytics easy to develop and run with a converged database for all your data management needs. Learn to maximize security, performance, and availability for your data no matter where it lives and use a new generation of technologies for app dev. Get insights from Oracle experts and your peers and try out the newest database tools in hands-on labs.

See why Futurum Research’s Daniel Newman is excited about attending Oracle CloudWorld.

Get the most from your data

Get the most out of your data by taking advantage of the latest Oracle Database technologies.

Analytics and Machine Learning

Explore how the get the most out of your data and learn how your peers are using integrated analytics and ML capabilities to become more competitive.

Application Development

Modern applications use multiple data types and run multiple workloads. Tackle this complexity and build applications that get the most of your data, on-premises or in the cloud.

Data Integration, Data Mesh

Your data lives in many places, but you want to simplify access. We’ll look at GoldenGate real-time data streaming, and how to bring it into your data warehouse or data lake.

Data Warehouse/Lakehouse

Learn how you can benefit from a Data Warehouse or Lakehouse, and try it in a hands-on lab. Your peers and Oracle partners will share experiences and best practices.

Emerging Technologies

See how Oracle is helping you prepare for data management challenges, whether it’s multi-cloud solutions, the latest app dev technology, or driving innovation with Blockchain.

High Availability/Disaster Recovery

Keep your applications running with HA and DR technologies. Learn how to ensure your data is available, on-premises, in OCI, or distributed across multiple regions in OCI.

Management and Diagnostics

Streamline the management of your on-premises or cloud data. Get best practices, monitoring and troubleshooting techniques, and tips for getting the best value from Exadata.

Performance and Scalability

Get all the tips and tricks you need to meet your Oracle Database performance goals, and ensure your workloads can easily scale to meet your objectives.


Protect data from both internal and external risk. See how Data Safe provides you insight into data access, and how Autonomous Database maximizes data security with minimum effort.

Upgrades and Migrations

Learn from the experts how to make the smoothest upgrade to the latest Oracle Database version on-premises or in OCI, and ease the migration of your key workloads to OCI.

Featured sessions

  • Learning session

    How to Apply Operational Governance Controls to a Self-Driving Autonomous Database

    Learn how to modernize with the Autonomous Database without compromising your mission-critical operational and governance requirements.

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  • Learning session

    Solving Performance Problems Using Automatic Workload Repository

    Join this session with leading engineers from Oracle’s real-world performance group to learn how the Automatic Workload Repository report can be used to efficiently diagnose systemwide problems.

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  • Learning session

    Oracle Machine Learning: What’s New and What’s Next?

    Whether your interests include APIs for SQL, Python, R, or REST, or you prefer no-code user interfaces, see how Oracle supports the ease of development and deployment of ML-based solutions.

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  • Hands-on lab

    Simplifying Microservices with Oracle’s Converged Database

    Develop a real application as a microservice on OCI. Get experience using multiple database services, JavaScript object notation, Spatial, AI and machine learning, and event queues.

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  • Learning session

    How to Build an Analytics Solution in 30 Minutes

    Learn to create a simple analytics solution throughout its entire lifecycle of creating data flows, managing data sets, and building analytical reports—all using Oracle Autonomous Database.

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  • Hands-on lab

    Assess the Local Impacts of Sea Level Rise with Oracle Spatial Studio

    Use Spatial Studio to assess the impact of sea level rise. Load and prepare the data for spatial analysis and map visualization, and then perform spatial analyses to assess impacts.

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Featured speakers

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about database solutions directly from customer experts and Oracle product leaders. These featured speakers will discuss how to tackle today’s data challenges and give you a glimpse into the future of database technology.

  • Accenture Oy, Global Database Lead

  • Miracle Finland Oy, CEO

  • Oracle, Executive Vice President

  • Oracle, Executive Vice President of Database Server Technologies

  • Vice President, Product Management

Maria Colgan

Maria Colgan is a distinguished product manager on the database team at Oracle, which she has been a part of since 1996. She is what some people would call a database nerd and has spent her entire career deeply involved with enhancing the performance of databases and applications. Her personal mission is to help companies attain the flexibility and resilience they need (especially in today's ever-changing world) by assisting them in making better use of this incredible technology.

Julian Dontcheff

Julian Dontcheff is the global database lead for Accenture and has more than 30 years of database experience. Back in 2002, he became the first Oracle Certified Master in Europe, and he is also an Oracle ACE Director.

Heli Helskyaho

Heli Helskyaho is the CEO for Miracle Finland Oy and has worked in IT since 1990. Heli is an Oracle ACE Director, a frequent speaker at many conferences, and an author with several books on Oracle technologies. Heli has been listed as one of the top 100 influencers in the information and communications technology sector in Finland every year since 2015. She holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Helsinki, and at the moment, she is working on her doctoral studies.

Juan Loaiza

As executive vice president of database server technologies and database systems technology at Oracle, Juan Loaiza is in charge of developing the mission-critical capabilities of Oracle Database, Database Cloud, and Exadata. Juan joined the Oracle Database development organization in 1988, and has contributed to every Oracle Database release since Version 6. Juan holds BS and MS degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Andrew Mendelsohn

Andrew Mendelsohn is responsible for the development, testing, and product management of Oracle Database. His portfolio also includes Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Essbase, and Oracle Big Data SQL products; cloud services such as Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse; developer tools; database security products; and customer support for Oracle Database on Exadata and Oracle Database Cloud Services. Andy began his career at Oracle as a developer on Oracle Database 5.1 in 1984.

Jenny Tsai-Smith

Jenny Tsai-Smith is vice president of Oracle Database product management. She has held leadership roles spanning technical support, education delivery, and acceleration of startups and scientific research. In her current role, Jenny leads inbound and outbound product management for Oracle Database, covering both on-premises products and cloud services, plus the associated options and add-on products. She shepherds products from design through development to production and drives their adoption.

Grow your skills on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The Oracle Discovery Lab in the Database Hub will allow you to try out the latest Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and on-premises technology on your schedule. Stop by at any time and get up and running quickly with a broad range of hands-on labs across OCI, Database, Developer, Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and more! Fine-tune your skills, add new ones, and tap into expert support when you need it.

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Top 5 reasons for data experts to attend CloudWorld

  1. 1. Learn how to migrate your database to OCI for free with no downtime
  2. 2. Try the new Oracle Database API for MongoDB
  3. 3. Learn the four-step process for a successful Oracle Database upgrade
  4. 4. Simplify microservices with Oracle’s converged database
  5. 5. Network with Oracle experts and your peers

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