Fusion Data Intelligence Platform

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform 是专为 Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications 构建的新一代 Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse 产品,它可结合业务数据、现成可用的分析以及预构建人工智能和机器学习 (ML) 模型提供更深入的洞察,将决策流程加速转化为切实可行的结果。

“With the Fusion Data Intelligence Platform, Oracle introduces a true convergence of analytics, data and AI.This platform’s prebuilt intelligent applications, data models and AI capabilities offer a forward-looking strategy for enterprises aiming to thrive in the data-driven landscape.It’s the perfect complement to Oracle Fusion applications such as ERP, HCM, CX and more.”

Holger Mueller Constellation Research 副总裁兼首席分析师

“The Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform represents a rather unique strategy in the industry.In stark contrast to some other vendors that just offer empty data platforms and vacuous promises for building analytics on, Oracle is the only company that can provide a complete data intelligence platform with turnkey data, analytics, and AI/ML content by domain—with full-blown extensibility for custom development where needed.The Fusion Data Intelligence Platform merges Oracle’s Fusion SaaS applications and OCI together to change how data and analytics delivers results to organizations of all sizes.”

Steve McDowell NAND Research 首席分析师兼创始合作伙伴

“The Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform represents a significant leap forward for the intuitive use of data, analytics, and AI.This integration of prebuilt intelligent applications, data models, and AI capabilities provides customers with a simplified and accelerated time-to-actionable-insights, time-to-market, and time-to-revenues.The Fusion Data Intelligence Platform makes it intuitive for customers to broadly leverage their business data and quickly go from data to insights to actions with a meaningful return on investment.”

Marc Staimer Wikibon 高级分析师

“The Fusion Data Intelligence Platform, as the evolution of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, represents the forefront of application-centric data analytics solutions for the future.Its integration of AI-driven features signifies a strategic shift towards the development of intelligent applications.Designed for the context of specific jobs and integrated in the process of daily workflows, FDIP-based applications will provide AI-powered recommendations and suggest prescribed actions so organizations and key decision makers can intelligently and efficiently achieve optimal business outcomes.”

Ron Westfall The Futurum Group 研究总监

Fusion Data Intelligence Platform 应用

面向 Fusion Cloud Applications 的预构建分析解决方案

Oracle Fusion Analytics 提供针对 Fusion Cloud Applications 预构建的一系列云原生分析应用,可通过现成可用的洞察来助力业务线用户优化决策。Oracle 广泛而深入的分析和应用功能可助力企业统一跨部门的分析工作,并创建单一且一致的性能视图。


超越仪表盘和报告,基于 AI 推荐各种决策和行动

利用开箱即用的应用成为分析驱动型企业 — 这些应用使用基于 AI、特定于角色的预测和规范分析,超越数据洞察,推荐智能行动。利用底层数据模型、机器学习模型和分析功能来帮助业务用户了解业务现状,提供洞察和推荐,推动用户采取行动,进而改善业务成果。


  • 为所有人员提供包含各部门信息的综合数据
  • 集中整合数据,更快做出决策
  • 预测业务流程对业务成果的影响

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