Oracle B2B

多年来,企业对消费者 (B2C) 交易日益加快、简化,但 B2B 交易仍然非常复杂且低效。Oracle B2B 与银行、物流和数字化服务提供商合作,将服务嵌入到 Oracle Cloud ERP 中,可为全球 45000 多家 Oracle Cloud ERP 客户实现端到端 B2B 事务处理的自动化和简化。

Oracle 和万事达卡合力助推 B2B 支付成功 (1:49)
  • By integrating finance and payment capabilities into Oracle Cloud ERP, corporate customers get simpler access to services to grow their business, and banks can enhance their offering delivering a timely and personalized service.

    —Eugene Bourke

    万事达卡 (Mastercard) 全球合作伙伴和细分部执行副总裁
  • Embedding HSBC’s financial services into the systems that our clients use day to day, is a key focus for us.Many of our HSBC customers are also users of Oracle Cloud ERP and so this partnership makes perfect sense.

    —Brian Tomkins

  • We are delighted to work with Oracle, allowing its customers to gain seamless access to J.P. Morgan Payments' offering, including improved cash flow insights and helping to accelerate business transactions.

    —Hubert J.P. Jolly


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