Cloud gaming–game on for 5G!

Alex Westley, Director Product Marketing

In my teenage years gaming with my friends was a regular hobby as it was for many people of my generation. But fast forward to today where I’m balancing a busy career and young family, there isn’t time to be a serious gamer anymore. What’s more, even if I did find spare time to dedicate to gaming, I wouldn’t be able to justify the cost–with the latest games console costing upwards of $800 and each game priced around $70 (and of course, I’d need to buy the latest titles on a regular basis).  

But what if there was another way? What if I could stream the latest titles to my phone or TV, using a pay as you play pricing model, and without ever needing to fork out the sizeable cash for the latest games console? What if my 5G service provider sends an offer to stream any cloud gaming title for just $10 for two hours with a guaranteed experience free from lag and jitter and with no additional charges. Then it’s game on, I’m back living the dream!

5G promises the fastest speeds and ultra-low latency, making accessible, reliable, cloud gaming a reality. 5G can do for cloud gaming what 3G did for music streaming, and what 4G did for video steaming: become a killer application for consumers. According to a recent report published by Fortune Business Insights, the global cloud gaming addressable market size is predicted to reach USD 56.57 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 15.7%. That’s a huge growth market.

Of course, cloud gaming has some challenges that need to be addressed. No gamer wants to experience delays of any kind, and cloud gaming is highly intolerant of delays. Even the slightest latency can ruin the gaming experience–whether you’re racing a car, playing a virtual sport, or locked in combat with potentially hundreds or thousands of other fighters–each millisecond matters.

This is where 5G comes into play. 5G provides the ability to guarantee low latency connectivity which in turn, creates a unique opportunity for service providers to harvest their share of the revenue opportunity. Service providers can do this by co-creating with cloud gaming providers to pioneer experience-based pricing offers, combining both guaranteed connectivity and access to the latest gaming titles. And these can be monetized on a subscription basis for pro gamers who play on a regular basis or priced on a per minute basis for casual gamers like myself.

5G cloud gaming is an immediate opportunity for service providers to drive new 5G revenues by leading with partnerships. At Oracle Communications, we created a cloud gaming video to showcase the art of the possible, detailing everything needed to make the vision a reality–from offer co-creation and personalized digital engagement to edge-based cloud gaming slice management and dynamic service orchestration to real-time charging. Oracle Communications can even enable flexible revenue settlement across all parties in the value chain, like service providers, cloud gaming providers, and even gaming studios.

There are many ways service providers can partner with gaming providers to monetize their share of the cloud gaming high growth market using 5G. This industry showcase video is just example of the possibilities for new revenue streams when using Oracle technology.

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