3G/4G Signaling Solutions

Build a secure 3G/4G signaling and routing framework with a breadth and depth that is globally recognized. Oracle’s 3G/4G signaling solutions combine the heart of the best-in-class signal transfer point (STP) with the best-in-class Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router.

Learn how Oracle Communications’ unified 3G/4G signaling solution has helped Telefónica Tech chart a seamless journey to the cloud.

Oracle Communications unified 3G/4G signaling platform

Oracle Communications’ 3G/4G signaling and routing product portfolio is built on more than 40 years of network signaling security heritage.

SS7 STP with superior performance

Oracle Communications EAGLE is the industry’s most trusted and reliable SS7 signaling platform, delivering unmatched performance and innovative solutions to communication networks across the globe.

Core signaling at its best

Simplify connectivity and manage caller traffic more easily with the latest monitoring and analytics platform derived from ELK framework. Optimize your networks in the most cost-effective way with flexible deployment options. EAGLE STP provides interworking and interoperability with a wide range of networks. The upgraded modular architecture supports 5+ nines availability.

Interface cards and enhanced visualization

The latest Service and Link Interface Cards (SLIC) eliminate the need for investing in multiple nodes. They provide multipurpose assets that can replace multiple EAGLE modules with ease. The latest GUI enhances the experience and ease of network manageability.

Multiple layers of defense

EAGLE platform’s SS7 firewall for network security is robust and dynamic. It provides real-time observability to remediate risks, network-wide visibility for SS7 threat detection, and management of region-specific anomalies.

A common platform for your 2G and 3G signaling needs

Oracle Communications Virtual Signal Transfer Point (vSTP) is a unique signaling solution based on Oracle Communications’ expertise and signaling heritage, including its best-in-class signaling products. The solution leverages all the features of the Oracle Communications EAGLE signaling platform, along with the reliability and in-depth experience of Oracle virtualization.

Centralizing Diameter Routing Solution

Create a secure signaling architecture that reduces cost and complexity while increasing growth, interoperability, and network visibility. As a unified signaling solution, Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router enables the personalization of custom applications to offer new services with faster time to market.

Broad signaling control

Deploy a simple and common infrastructure to manage SS7 and Diameter signaling and provide a seamless transition from 2G/3G to 4G. Integrate SS7 STP virtual network function (VNF) into the Diameter Signaling Router application, managed by NOAM/SOAM as “SS7 MP" for vSTP message processing and "DA-MP" for Diameter message processing. The SS7 STP VNF can also be installed as a standalone.

Multilayer security

Facilitate compliance with GSMA IR.88 guidelines for LTE/IMS roaming and help secure the network at interconnect borders against malicious attacks.

Virtual Network Function Manager (VNFM)

Create a VNF identifier; instantiate a VNF; and scale out, modify, heal, operate, and terminate capabilities with ease.

Custom application framework

Develop new custom applications to respond more quickly to network and market needs. This development environment guides the creation and management of new applications in Perl language.

Automated software testing

Through the integration with Oracle Communications Automated Testing Suite (ATS), you can execute software test cases using the automated testing tool and compare the actual results with the expected or predicted results.

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