Oracle Converged Policy

Manage network policies intuitively and consistently while enabling a seamless migration from 4G to 5G with a cloud native, microservices-based telecom policy management solution.

Vodafone taps Oracle to lead network policy for its standalone 5G network.

Oracle Converged Policy features

Seamlessly interwork 4G with 5G

Take advantage of a cloud native telecom policy management solution that provides a seamless interworking and migration between 4G and 5G.

Monetize customized and differentiated services

Leverage a solution built to support 5G network monetization opportunities, including the proliferation of IoT devices, without compromising service quality.

Ensure quality of service

Provide a unified view of network resource allocation across all access technologies. The converged policy solution integrates easily with charging and billing and revenue management solutions.

Reduce complexity and maintenance

Easily manage different domain-specific policies and optimize the deployment of new policies with an automated solution.

Take advantage of cloud native architecture

Capitalize on upgraded features for more flexibility, extensibility, modularization, and agility with Oracle Converged Policy—based on the market-leading Oracle Communications PCRF, but rearchitected for the cloud from the ground up.

Leverage flexible deployment models

Deploy into any cloud, including containers on bare metal managed by Kubernetes or virtual machines (VMs) on OpenStack, with a solution that supports both 5G non-standalone and standalone deployment models.

Support CI/CD

Enable DevOps, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous testing (CI/CD/CT). The converged policy solution leverages AI and machine learning capabilities for network automation and optimized resource allocation.

Comply with 3GPP specifications

Built to meet the latest 3GPP standards for the 5G core market, Oracle’s solution ensures compatibility with usable radio access networks, service and systems aspects, and core networks and terminals.

Benefit from real-time data analytics

Enable intelligent, real-time policy decisions with support for edge compute routing and integration with data analytics.

BT accelerates delivery of new 5G services with Oracle

Converged Policy benefits

01Seamlessly transition to 5G

Enable a smooth transition from 4G to 5G while maintaining quality of service and reliability.

02Future-proof 5G investments

Avoid multiple platform migrations by choosing a cloud native policy solution with an industry-defined 5G service-based architecture.

03Enable differentiation with customizable and tailored offerings

Design, deploy, and generate revenue from customizable and tailored offerings for consumer and enterprise customers.

04Reduce network maintenance

Simplify the task of simultaneously managing policy infrastructure in a 4G and 5G network while supporting an incremental migration approach.

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