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Manage end-to-end processes and eliminate barriers to collaboration with Oracle Aconex. Connect teams and processes across the entire project lifecycle and capture a complete project record—all on one platform. Backed by an unalterable audit trail that minimizes disputes, Aconex helps you keep projects on track for successful delivery and completion.

Aconex: Project collaboration at the speed of now

Manage project lifecycle processes and connect teams

Eliminate barriers to collaboration and connect teams with a unique data ownership model and a highly configurable process management engine that can facilitate end-to-end processes across the entire project lifecycle, both onsite and in the office.

Highly flexible process management engine

Efficiently manage end-to-end construction processes and workstreams across the project lifecycle with a complete project delivery solution. Aconex provides deep functionality with dedicated modules for specific process flows including model coordination, cost, and field processes.

Eliminate barriers to collaboration

Connect teams with a unique data ownership model that maximizes adoption, collaboration, and data sharing across the entire project, creating a complete project record in one system.

Unalterable audit trail

Track and capture every project decision, ensuring accountability and minimizing disputes.

A true common data environment

Aconex is part of Oracle’s common data environment (CDE)—a single, central platform that connects teams, processes, and project data. The unique data ownership model and rigorous security protocols build trust, driving greater adoption, which yields more project data and insights.

A complete design-build solution

Ideally suited to design-build projects, Aconex seamlessly connects design and delivery teams, driving collaboration and data sharing. Highly configurable process management provides visibility and control while built-in model coordination connects teams, models, and data.

Each project organization owns their data

Every organization on the project has their own private workspace on the Aconex platform and controls the data in their workspace, including who they share that data with and when.

Collaboration and open data sharing

Data ownership drives trust, which in turn drives platform adoption and collaboration across organizations, creating a single source of truth for the project.

Information flows freely

With data and information flowing freely on one platform, the risk of multiple datastores is eliminated, helping to avoid the use of outdated or incorrect data.

Unalterable audit trail

Ensure accountability and help minimize your exposure to risk. Aconex tracks and captures all documents, correspondence, and every project decision in one system—creating a complete and unalterable project record. Nothing can be deleted or edited.

A single document register

Create a single source of truth for the entire project team. A single document register with strict version control protocols eliminates the risk of multiple datastores and helps ensure that everyone uses the correct information.

Configurability to match how you work

Match your process flows and capture the data you need with highly configurable data fields and templates. Easily manage different sections of work with work packaging—for example, group documentation, drawings, and correspondence together for completion and sign-off.

Integration with the project schedule

Packages and Oracle Primavera Cloud schedule integration links engineering and construction documents to the schedule, providing teams with up-to-date schedule data. Improved schedule visibility helps teams better sequence activities and align their schedules with onsite work.

Automate process flows with workflows

Standardize and automate approvals and reviews. Match your process flows with the configurability of workflow templates and subworkflows. Ensure adherence to required procedures with a full audit trail to minimize disputes over what was sent, received, or agreed to.

Avoid the limitations of manual correspondence

Automate and standardize with a digital process that provides projectwide access and visibility. Help ensure best practices are followed, configure and control information to drive faster process turnarounds, and get the right information to the right people.

Track process and decision flows

Easily track process communications, keeping all project team members up to date on progress and helping to avoid bottlenecks. Drive accountability with mail threading, a permanent record of all related correspondence in one place, providing visibility into an entire mail chain or thread.

Connect models, teams, and data

Oracle Aconex Model Coordination Cloud Service allows the whole project team to collaborate on the model in a secure environment, using a single platform to raise questions, communicate, and manage the coordination process. Design-neutral, Aconex Model Coordination complements existing authoring tools.

No additional software is required

Teams can import and open supported model files directly within Aconex. Aconex Model Coordination provides complete visibility into changes and the constructability of models, improving the quality of designs delivered to the construction team and helping drive faster model process cycle times with reduced errors.

Synchronize coordination with Clash in the Cloud

Complete design issue management supports the model coordination process. Automated clash detection facilitates seamless clash and design issue capture, management, and resolution. Reduced coordination cycle times improve efficiency, getting teams ready for construction faster.

Connect to the ecosystem

Open standard APIs facilitate interoperability between authoring tools and Aconex, providing much faster model coordination and cycle times, eliminating the double handling of information, and allowing the seamless transfer and flow of information.

A secure, central platform to manage tenders and bids

Reduce manual input and complexity with a structured and consistent framework for the tendering process. Use documents already in the document register, and issue tenders to Aconex or guest users with direct and secure access to all documentation and communication via automated notifications.

Powerful tracking and visibility

Stay up to date with clear visibility into the status of tenders. All information is created and captured in one place. Track which tender recipients have viewed the invitation, receive notifications when responses are submitted, and manage communication promptly and confidentially with a secure audit trail of each tender.

Manage the submission and tracking of supplier documentation

Use automation to help manage the large volume of vendor data generated on construction projects. Easily and efficiently visualize the progress of multiple packages of information by automating the calculation of due dates and statuses, regulating the submission of documentation, and increasing the speed of approvals and processing.

Complete contract and change management

Collaboratively manage contracts across the supply chain and streamline change management. Easily link project information for additional context, and track the schedule of values for payment management. Improve auditability, compliance, and eliminate redundant data entry.

One integrated app for the jobsite

Capture, track, and share information anywhere on the jobsite. Access documents, mail, models, and inspections with one mobile app. View the latest set of drawings and collaborate in real time using the latest data. Oracle Aconex Mobile is fully integrated with Aconex, providing a single project record.

Quality and safety management

Automate and standardize inspections with Oracle Aconex Field, including safety walks, quality checks, issue tracking, punch lists, daily reports, and more. Tailor data capture to your processes, replicate your existing forms to eliminate paper, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

A secure and permanent record of all project information

View your complete project records, including all audit logs, full mail threads, and the entire history of the project. Retain your project history for your knowledgebase and to meet regulatory and legal requirements during and after project completion.

Three product options

  • Oracle Aconex Online Archive: Complete access to your project data, which is stored securely in the cloud.
  • Oracle Aconex Project Archive: An on-premises application that downloads your organization’s project data.
  • Oracle Aconex Scheduled Archive: An on-premises application that downloads your organization’s project data on a chosen routine.

Oracle Aconex for Defense achieves DISA impact level 4 provisional authorization.

Siemens Gamesa adopts Oracle Aconex for offshore windfarms, saving up to 5,000 working hours per project on overall documentation processing

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