Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Consulting

Our expert professionals can help your business prepare and implement industry-leading solutions using AI/ML.

How Oracle Consulting can power your business with AI/ML

Here are several use cases that demonstrate how we’re supporting our clients:

    • A county road agency uses PAIRS to determine access to road lanes and whether drivers are paying the correct tolls.
    • An ERP software company is using ML within Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to implement their data science model into a smart inventory application.
    • A large municipality is using CAMA that integrates machine learning in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to do property assessments faster and more efficiently.
    • An international vascular medical device manufacturer is replacing analog phone calls using Oracle Advanced Analytics to improve customer experience.
    • A United States federal agency is using Oracle data science technology to recoup loans made in the pandemic to determine delinquency rates and to accelerate payments.
    • County recorders in California use Oracle APEX and the Auto Document Revision System (ADRS) to perform optical character recognition scans and reduce the time and labor required to review massive volumes of documents.

Explore Oracle Consulting’s AI/ML expertise

Smart AnoMaly detection using Multivariate State Estimation Technique (MSET)

Oracle Consulting leverages the potential of MSET2 for anomaly detection, enabling the swift identification of unexpected events in time series data such as IoT telemetry. Our solution automatically pinpoints device failures, helping reduce the risk of false alarms and instances of missed alarms.

Oracle Consulting’s offering includes collecting customers’ signal (IoT) data, analyzing them using MSET, and presenting the results so the users can act.

Document redaction—Auto Document Revision System (ADRS)

California Statue AB1466—Portal framework

Every county in California must abide by California Statute AB 1466 which reviews every property record to detect and redact any covenant that is restrictive in nature if based on: age, race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, familial status, marital status, disability, veteran or military status, genetic information, national origin, or source of income.

Oracle Consulting’s portal framework helps you more efficiently manage the requirements of AB1466. In this use case, the portal was built using Oracle APEX with Autonomous Data Warehouse and provides the following:

  • Workflows, a dashboard, and role-based security
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Vision to perform optical character recognition on digital, typed, and handwritten documents from mid-1800s to present
  • Serverless function using Python to identify restricted covenants using pattern recognition; machine learning will replace this function
  • Serverless function using Python to highlight/redact the restricted covenants

Vehicle identification—Pattern Analysis and Image Recognition System (PAIRS)

Oracle Evolve Services

Toll road auditing requires vehicles to be identified and classified (car, light truck, heavy truck, with/without trailer, number of axles, and more) and the results correlated with electronic toll collection systems to ensure accurate pricing and revenue collection. Oracle Evolve Services can help you innovate your vehicle detection systems.

  • Annotate videos (approximately 3s in duration and between 60 and 75 frames)
  • Identify vehicle(s) location and vehicle attributes
  • Automate the uploading/downloading of videos to the computer vision annotation tool (CVAT)
  • Provide annotated videos to OCI product development to allow them to train the video analysis model

Computer-Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA)

Los Angeles County: House value prediction based on housing features

In LA County, when a property is sold and the sale deed is officially recorded, the county undertakes an assessment of the property’s actual value. This assessment considers various property features, such as square footage, bedroom count, school ratings, zip code, and scenic views. Using these parameters, an assessment team determines the property’s value for taxation purposes.

To streamline and automate the property appraisal process (often numbering in the thousands per week) the Los Angeles County Assessor is incorporating machine learning to enhance accuracy in deriving property valuations with data that is in Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Using Oracle Data Science, Oracle Consulting created and implemented a machine learning model within their cloud tenancy.

Predictive Inventory Assistant (PIA)

Ranking high-demand auto parts

Predictive inventory—Developing predictive inventory assistants
  • Oracle Consulting developed predictive inventory assistants using Oracle Machine Learning. The core objective is to establish clusters of similar stores using unsupervised learning techniques.
  • This approach elevates inventory management, helping optimize stock levels for individual user locations based on product demand and other factors. Within these clusters, auto parts are assigned rankings to provide a clearer grasp of their significance.
OCI Data Flow addresses scalability Issues
  • To tackle scalability concerns, Oracle Consulting leveraged Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Flow.
  • Collectively, the Oracle Consulting project harmonizes cutting-edge technological advancements with inventive strategies to reshape inventory management practices. This comprehensive approach not only enhances efficiency and predictive capabilities but can also help translate into improved sales, profitability, and customer loyalty.