Oracle WebCenter Sites

Rapidly create, deploy, and manage a network of web properties, while delegating individual website management with Oracle WebCenter Sites. Users can publish multi-site, multilingual content and campaigns quickly from one platform.

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WebCenter Sites product features

Simple content authoring and design interface

Drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface

Assemble and publish sites from predefined building blocks using mobile and traditional page layouts. Easily edit and add images, videos, articles, and external media directly to the site layout.

Channel and device optimization

Design site templates once and render across a multitude of device types, thanks to HTML-5 and responsive design.

Intelligent workflow

Launch offerings and promotions faster with automated workflows that facilitate notification updates and approvals.

Predictive and segment–based customer targeting

Engagement engine

Define customer segments and create rules for what content will be delivered to each segment for content personalization.

Real-time decisions

Make real-time personalization decisions using insights from the predictive analytics engine that continuously runs on customer interaction data.

Omnichannel profile aggregation

Discover user engagement patterns and aggregate profile data from across multiple channels to improve customer experiences using the Visitor Services component.

Modern development architecture

Model-View-Controller framework

Clearly separate business logic and presentation so that developers and business owners can work together without disruption.

REST services

Use REST-based services for third-party application integration to accelerate content-rich, single-page application (SPA), web and mobile application development.

Robust caching

WebCenter Sites provides high-performance, distributed caching to support deployments even at global scale. The caching infrastructure also enables assembly of dynamic and static content in real time according to the targeting rules, resulting in a relevant web experience for each visitor.

Integrations across enterprise applications

Repository adapters

Easily access content from Oracle Content and Experience for digital assets, WebCenter Content for enterprise content, and WebCenter Portal for transactional processes using pre-built adapters.

Pre-built CX integration

Built-in integration with marketing automation applications, including Oracle Marketing Cloud – Eloqua, and Responsys - allows marketers to use consistent content across sites, campaigns, and blogs, as well as to capture the visitor journey across all channels for lead generation.

Data-accessible APIs

Share captured and enriched visitor data from CRM systems and other external applications via built-in REST APIs to enhance email campaign targeting efficiency.


OMV boosts web content with speed and efficiency using Oracle

The company estimates that it has gained about 50% more time using WebCenter Sites. Content is now created and published for both OMV’s intranet and external website on the same platform, which allows standardized and simplified processes.

Oracle WebCenter Sites use cases

  • Create consistent multisite, multilingual content

    Quickly and easily create, manage, deliver, and govern content across hundreds of sites and in multiple languages, all from a single platform.

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  • Accelerate web experience development

    Accelerate web experience delivery by using the REST API framework to divide work among local and central teams, separating content publication from content creation.


Documentation library

Documentation library

Oracle offers a wide range of documentation, ebooks, trainings and tutorials that will help you learn more about WebCenter Sites. You'll find all these resources and more in the documentation page.

Additional Resources

Customer Community

Customer Community

Oracle WebCenter Site’s online community helps members keep pace with product strategy, and provides a solution feedback channel directly to Oracle development. Within this community, members benefit by leveraging the collective knowledge of Oracle customers and product experts.

Oracle University

Oracle University

Preparing to earn WebCenter Sites Certifications will teach you how to implement a solution that gives a single point of access, with self-service application dashboards. Earning this specific credential signals to managers, peers and potential employers that you have expertise in delivering this maximum value enterprise solution.

Additional Resources

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