EHRA Developer Code of Conduct

In support of meaningful collaboration in the health IT industry, Cerner fully endorses and has been formally recognized for adopting the Electronic Health Record Association's (EHRA) EHR Developer Code of Conduct Version 2.

We are proud to have participated in the development of both the first and second version and are committed to working with our fellow EHR developers and customers to improve care, increase efficiencies, enhance patient safety, and enable better outcomes.

The electronic health record has become a foundational component of quality patient care delivery and we recognize the importance of supporting the transparent principles reflected in the code of conduct. Those principles include a commitment to patient safety, usability, interoperability, data portability, clinical and billing documentation, patient engagement, privacy and security. Cerner has long been recognized as an exemplar in the industry for actualizing the highest levels of standards associated with all that the EHRA Code of Conduct embraces. We will remain committed to these principles.