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Oracle Excellence Awards—Winners
Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation

Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation


City of Las Vegas and Partner, 3Di

The City of Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Numerous smartphone apps provide visitors with access to hotels, restaurants, transportation, entertainment, etc. However, the City wanted to develop an app that would provide residents with mobile access to city services.

Las Vegas had developed an iOS native app more than a year ago. But as the use of Android-based mobile phones increased, they wanted to port the app to Android. However, they were concerned about maintaining and managing two different application-development platforms. What they needed was a common development platform that could be easily targeted to constantly evolving platforms without losing application user experience. Oracle Mobile Application Framework proved to be best choice.

3Di developed a mobile app for the citizens of Las Vegas that will serve as a platform for:

  • Service requests (potholes, graffiti)
  • Information about city resources (parking, parks, libraries)
  • News about the city
  • Social (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)


  • Ease of requesting services.
  • Lowered call volume to call centers.
  • Location-based information for citizens and better utilization of city resources.
  • A platform for city and citizens to communicate.
  • A notification platform for citizens.

Bank of Communications, Hong Kong and partner, Team-C

Bank of Communications is the fifth-largest and one of the oldest Banks in China (established 1908). The approval process for mortgage applications was complicated by manual handoffs, limited process visibility, and lack of consistent and sustained communications. This all resulted in significant delays and decreased customer satisfaction. In response, the Bank (along with their partner, Team-C) used Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) and Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) to transition to an integrated mobile and social platform that enabled the relationship managers to track the loan approval process.

As a result:

  • Relationship managers have instant visibility into a customer’s loan application via the iPad app.
  • Fewer incomplete application/missing documentation.
  • Faster, more accurate responses to customer inquires.
  • Push notifications alert approvers to pending tasks, resulting in faster approvals for loans.

The Bank also estimates a 70 percent reduction in development time for new features, as a result of using Oracle MAF and BPM.


Ebrahim K. Kanoo and partner, Rapid Value

Kanoo Daily Rental (KDR) provides car rental and luxury limousine services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Their existing vehicle check-out/check-in was paper-based, performed manually, and labor-intensive. As a result, Kanoo had to maintain paper records that were difficult to store and track because of the large transaction volumes. The customer wanted a mobile solution that would fix these inherent inefficiencies. RapidValue used Oracle Mobile Application Framework to build an iPad app to automate the vehicle check-out/check-in process, and integrated it with Oracle E-Business Suite R12 rental and leasing module.


  • Reduced transaction time: The mobile app tracks records online, reducing human errors and eliminating paper work
  • Increased efficiency: The app photographs the vehicle and provides a 3D image of vehicle status prior to rental
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Quicker processing of rentals via the mobile app
  • Faster dispute resolution: The mobile app makes easy to compare status of returned vehicle with status prior to rental

L&T Finance

Larsen & Toubro Financial Holdings Limited is a dominant player in the financial industry. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and has a presence in 23 states in India.


L&T Finance was looking to move from a fragmented mobile strategy. They needed a single, enterprise, mobile platform which would reduce challenges of managing multiple vendors, each with proprietary frameworks.


  • Their mobile app enables field agents to manage loan sourcing and approvals for individuals or small businesses in rural areas
  • Innovative lending model helps the local communities by allowing customers to form groups so that they can provide each other with surety if loans are not paid back
  • Supports remote areas where networks may be lacking and enables loan agents to complete the loan app offline and upload it later


  • Increased agent productivity: no need to travel to main office for loan form submission
  • Same day loan initiation and origination. Real time analytics improves decision-making
  • Rapid IT development with the first internal team developing an app within four weeks
  • Simplified development platform and reuse leveraging existing investments in skilled resources and backend services
  • Uniform experience across mobile applications and unified strategy for managing the mobile development and deployment platform
  • Opportunity to move into BYOD from COPE with mobile platform agnostic solution
  • Reduced IT management cost and complexity
Big Data, Business Analytics, and Data Integration
Big Data, Business Analytics, and Data Integration

Serta Simmons Bedding and partner, Grant Thornton

Serta is the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States and one of the most highly recognized home-furnishing brands in the marketplace. In an effort to modernize the antiquated and inefficient ERP system to service financial reporting, and provide IPO readiness, Serta implemented a scalable solution across the enterprise leveraging Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, various Hyperion products, Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Data Relationship Management, and Oracle Data Relationship Governance.

The solution took seven months, and yielded:

  • Scalable, integrated platform delivered improved system stability, thanks to consolidated, standardized, data acquisition and better-quality data
  • Improved reliability of and confidence in self service analytics
  • 90 percent improvement in time to produce standardized reporting saved nine business days per month
  • 275 percent improvement in availability of data, allowing users to access and provide timely analysis of the data

The solution provided Serta Simmons with amazing results, reducing overhead costs by millions of dollars and establishing a strong foundation for future expansion.

Big Data, Business Analytics, and Data Integration
Big Data, Business Analytics, and Data Integration

Scottish and Southern Energy

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) produces, distributes, and supplies electricity and gas and other energy-related services. Energy companies and the power-generation industry are in the spotlight in the UK, with increasing focus on regulations and competition.

In order to ensure that the company will be able to compete in the ever-changing energy industry, SSE and the SSE Generation directorate focused on how the company managed its data.

They needed an agile and rapid delivery of mobile accessible business-intelligence dashboards that normally would have required a considerable amount of on-premises infrastructure design and provisioning time. Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud made it possible to develop functionality in an extremely short amount of time using real-generation business data.

SSE learned that:

  • A cloud infrastructure is more cost- and time-effective: six weeks to solution, compared to six months
  • The solution increased confidence within the internal SSE business community
  • The management dashboard enabled quicker, more effective decisions by the leadership

Cloud-based solutions in conjunction with on-premises solutions increase speed, flexibility, and agility. SSE is now able to integrate data from multiple sources into a single source of truth and make long-term, informed decisions that are vital for to the company’s sustainability.

Big Data, Business Analytics, and Data Integration
Big Data, Business Analytics, and Data Integration


Skanska AB, founded in 1887, is one of the world’s leading project-development and construction groups, with expertise in commercial and residential projects and public-private partnerships. Skanska creates sustainable solutions and aims to be a leader in quality, green construction, work safety, and business ethics.

Challenge and use cases:

  • Optimize its monthly management reporting.
  • Develop a central platform to improve reporting and share with various local needs.
  • Improve decision-making with a common business-intelligence solution that is accessible throughout the global organization.
  • Save time and money by putting the right information at the fingertips of employees where and when they need it.
  • Simplify development and testing of information solutions and reports and ensure that users can quickly and easily adapt the collection and analysis of information to meet new requirements.
  • Reduce IT management cost and complexity, freeing resources to focus on business-critical initiatives.

Uniqueness of solution:

  • Centralized on a single cloud environment for management reporting worldwide using Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service. The solution is always available to 60K users via mobile devices in the global organization.


  • The Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service solution was developed in 17 days by 1.5 FTE, a monthly financial report covering all Skanska business units and groups. The full data load, including historic data, from source to ready to analyze was achieved in less than five minutes.
Big Data, Business Analytics, and Data Integration
Big Data, Business Analytics, and Data Integration

Amazon and partner, The Hackett Group is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. After almost 15 years of exponential growth as a diverse, multinational business, the company recognized the need to improve its ability to manage financial reporting. Together with The Hackett Group, they built an enterprise performance management and business intelligence solution that ensured they could deliver automated financial reporting and analytics to over 1,000 stakeholders across the company. Using Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition, Application Adapters for Data Integration, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Essbase, and various Hyperion products, the solution yielded:

  • 100 percent positive feedback from the user community for the first successful financial systems implementation
  • 50 percent+ reduction in time to complete close process, from 10+ days to 5 days
  • Thousands of hours saved per month across 1,000 users in data analysis and mining

The automated reporting and analytic capabilities have provided with the confidence they need to modernize and improve the agility of their business decisions.

Big Data, Business Analytics, and Data Integration
Big Data, Business Analytics, and Data Integration


CaixaBank is a leading Spanish retail bank and insurer. Focused on customer service through innovation, CaixaBank used big data architecture and business analytics tools to democratize the use of data for reporting, dashboarding, and analysis; empower end users by using data to identify business patterns and niches; and discover the value of structured and nonstructured information.

Built on Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalytics, and leveraging Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Big Data Analytics, and Oracle data integration tools, CaixaBank’s solution

  • Enabled a 360-degree understanding of customers to offer tailored, on-demand banking and insurance solutions
  • Saved 50,000+ hours per year on big-data project development versus previous methods
  • 16 percent increase in economic margin, 14 percent cost reduction in addresses, and a 27 percent improvement in process time five million+ euros

This initial success is driving CaixaBank to transition towards a real-time organization, enabling the monetization of their data relative to business targets.

Big Data, Business Analytics, Data Integration
Big Data, Business Analytics, Data Integration

Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport is one of the region's most significant economic engines, with a total economic output of more than $7 billion. The enterprise employs more than 7,500 people on the airport campus and supports more than 81,000 jobs in the community.

Realizing that better data integration and business analytics would strengthen their business and customer loyalty, they set out to modernize their infrastructure and data acquisition strategy. Poor data quality was a huge challenge. They developed a solution that sat on top of Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, and Oracle Exalytics, and combined Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate with Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite.

In just six months, the project yielded major benefits:

  • Better analysis helped them add new routes resulting in a 6.7 percent yearly passenger increase, the largest year-over-year growth in a decade, with international traffic increasing by more than 14 percent
  • 4.6 percent increase in revenues driven by improved analysis of the authority’s parking, concessions, and rental car businesses, which resulted in greater spend per passenger
  • 150 percent reduction in time to complete planning and forecasting process using more efficient resource and people management

The success has enabled Tampa International Airport to improve operations and better serve their customers.


Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser’s objective is to enhance its security and risk management posture within the enterprise. Its current solution offered fragmented visibility into users identity profiles and their respective access to information assets across the enterprise. Additionally, the existing solution lacked the ability to rapidly onboard existing enterprise applications into the security framework and drive greater security insight. This resulted in increased operational and administrative costs and also exposed Kaiser to greater security vulnerabilities as well as difficulties in meetings its compliance benchmarks.

Security is a mission-critical requirement for Kaiser’s daily operations. They needed to gain a 360-degree view of its users and their access within the enterprise. To achieve that goal, Kaiser implemented a comprehensive identity management solution that included identity governance, directory services, and an access management suite that was deployed across multiple data centers to ensure 24/7 availability for their most critical applications.

Normally, customers implement such a solution in sequential milestones, with a typical project of this scale extending over a year before completion. Kaiser Permanente took on a comprehensive and parallel approach to implement their solution. The result was an expedited six-month deployment cycle.

The benefits included:

  • Enhanced user productivity by providing employees rapid access to applications to fulfill their daily responsibilities
  • Improved security by enforcing access changes when employees transferred or left the organization
  • Regular monitoring of access to ensure policies were not being violated
  • Enforced dynamic login requirements to prevent compromised access
  • 24/7 availability of mission-critical applications
  • Reduced administrative costs associated with managing passwords and user access to multiple applications via a single interface


REDISA is a world leader in converting waste product into socio-economy opportunities in South Africa.


The company was a startup business that required a rapid rollout and a scalable, secure infrastructure that would support the growth of local and global clients. In the past two years, they’ve opened 34 depots, created 2600+ plus jobs, 161+ small businesses [something missing here] and collected over 146,000 tons of tire waste. This resulted in the conversion of 70 percent of the national tonnage of waste tires from landfill. Previously, the conversion rate was 3 percent.


REDISA provided a unique business solution by delivering a single customer experience based on Oracle Super Cluster, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Identity Management. The solution includes public and private cloud components and delivers business value by simplifying IT, reducing costs, improving security, and delivering a single platform for onboarding businesses and clients, as well as increased self service capabilities.


  • Reduced call-center volume
  • Accelerated deployment of new applications
  • Faster time to value
  • Increased security and productivity
  • Scalability to meet the growing volume of users

General Electric and Accenture

GE’s goal is to be the world’s best infrastructure and technology company. They are driving infrastructure leadership, investing in innovation and achieving a culture of simplification to better serve their customers around the world.


GE is consolidating its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial applications landscape, from several hundred instances to a small strategic subset. Integration challenges included a wide range of technologies, several thousand ad-hoc point-to-point integrations, and integration between on-premises ERP and several cloud applications including, Fusion ERP, and RightNow.


GE’s SOA Center of Excellence used Oracle SOA Suite, a disciplined commitment to standards, and a zero ERP customization rule to reduce integration costs, enable faster time-to-testing and time-to-market for all financial enterprise integration projects.


  • Replaced thousands of point-to-point integrations with reusable services.
  • Connected hundreds of ERPs, shared services and SaaS tools in real time while processing 100M+ transactions/month.
  • Cut SaaS integration time from six months to 12 weeks.
  • Reduced development time for AR from five months to five weeks.
  • Faster time to market and a 75 percent reduction of effort.


Calix is a leading global provider of broadband communications access systems and software. The Calix Unified Access portfolio allows service providers to connect to their residential and business subscribers and deploy virtually any service over fiber- and copper-based network architectures. The company has a growing customer base whose networks serve over 100 million subscriber lines. Calix is at the forefront of enabling the innovative ways that communications service providers deliver advanced broadband services and value to their customers.


Calix faces serious challenges in a highly competitive global broadband equipment market where creating advantage by innovation is essential.


They picked Oracle Integration Cloud Service as the foundation of their next-generation integration platform to their Calix Web Content Management system. This system is used by more than 25,000 partners today and Calix expects rapid growth over the next three years.

What’s Unique:

Using ICS, they were able to build new, secure integrations in a just few hours between Oracle ERP,, Workday, and many other applications and achieve the impressive business results.


  • Diverse integration stack and manual processes impacting agility, efficiency, and costs
  • Developed integrated cloud service for next-generation hybrid integration platform serving 25K partners
  • Integrated Adobe Experience Manager with 6X faster
Digital Experience and Engagement
Digital Experience and Engagement

Atradius and partner, Griffiths Waite

Atradius is a leading supplier of credit insurance and debt-collection services worldwide. They provide insurance services to minimize the risk of doing business and ensure that the bills get paid. Their prior reporting process required them to submit a request overnight which would often take 24 hours to run.

With their Atradius Insights offering, which utilizes Oracle WebCenter Portal, their credit knowledge of over 100 million companies is now available in real time to customers, enabling them to manage risk. The new reports run in 30 seconds and help them identify issues and opportunities for new insurance coverage in near real time.

Digital Experience and Engagement
Digital Experience and Engagement

Credit Suisse and partner, Cognizant

With over a trillion dollars of assets under management, Credit Suisse is one of the leaders in the financial services industry.

Meeting the regulatory requirements for the assets they manage is no small feat. They manage over 25,000 reports with the SEC, and updating these reports in a timely manner every time something changes in one of their investment funds is a huge challenge.

Credit Suisse used Oracle Business Process Management to automate the creation and submission of their regulatory filings. The solution provided them with data consistency and eliminated the manual overhead to collect, classify, and monitor the data, reducing the time to complete them by 30-40 percent.

Digital Experience and Engagement

Sutton Tools and partner, Anatas Technology Solutions

Sutton Tools is based in Australia and is a leading provider of high-precision cutting tools. They believe that data is power and that they can use data as a selling tool to demonstrate the superiority of their technology. This requires a robust product introduction process, which necessitated the elimination of silos of knowledge and improved collaboration and workflow.

They use Oracle Database as a service, process cloud, and documents cloud to extend their enterprise resource planning system and provide a robust new product introduction process.

They are looking forward to faster product rollout and an improvement in employee, partner, and customer satisfaction. Sutton Tools now plans to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to automatically incorporate manufacturing as part of their process.

Digital Experience and Engagement
Digital Experience and Engagement

Australian Finance Group

Australian Finance Group (AFG) is the leading provider of mortgage brokerage services in Australia, with over 2,300 brokers. At its core, AFG believes in cutting edge technology as a growth enabler.

To support its network of brokers, AFG maintains dedicated service and support teams to handle inquiries about various legal documentation. Required to provide more than 10K of broker reports and invoices every week, AFG decided they needed to increase broker productivity and reduce costs. They decided to use Oracle Documents Cloud Service to improve support and collaboration with its broker network. This dramatically reduced the burden on its call center to process common requests.

Application Development and Operations
Application Development and Operations


Syniverse is a major mobile communications provider with 6 billion mobile subscribers. It acts as an intermediary by managing roaming traffic between more than 1,000 mobile operators around the world.

One of the solutions Syniverse offers its customers is Visibility Services for GSM (VisGSM), which provides data-capture and reporting insight into the various GSM signaling transactions. The existing solution, VisGSM Legacy, resided on expensive legacy technology that required millions of dollars to run.

The new solution was architected to run in a private cloud with multiple Java-managed servers hosted by Oracle WebLogic. These servers process transactions in near real-time, which required information to be maintained in Oracle Coherence.


  • Manages 3.7B messages per day
  • Maintains 127 million records
  • Provides 24/7 availability
  • Ease of scalability
Application Development and Operations
Application Development and Operations


Rakuten Group, a global e-commerce firm, is one of the world's leading Internet service companies, and it is expanding throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. The company provides a variety of consumer- and business-focused services, including e-commerce, Kobo eReaders, travel, banking, securities, credit cards, e-money, portal and media, online marketing, and professional sports. Rakuten’s e-commerce operation is one of the largest businesses and it runs on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

Rakuten has a huge footprint consisting of application servers (370 physical servers, 900 processors for Oracle WebLogic, and 270 processors for Oracle Coherence). The company wanted to reduce the costs associated with running and managing all of their environments. They developed a solution utilizing Oracle WebLogic platform as a service (PaaS) and Oracle Linux information as a service (IaaS) and supported by Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

The solution utilized Oracle Traffic Director on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to simplify the environment and expedite time to market.


  • Application release time reduced from six hours to twenty seconds
  • Server and domain development time reduced from one week to five minutes
  • Oracle WebLogic Server instance reduced by 75 percent compared to previous system
  • Reduced operating costs substantially and achieved nonstop application switching with OTD
Application Development and Operations
Application Development and Operations

Hi-Tech Textiles and partners, 3Di and Kahuna

Hi-Tech is a textile machine and quality-control appliance manufacturer in Asia. The company’s textured yarn quality-monitoring system enjoys a 72 percent market share.


Hi-Tech used an on-premises Microsoft MIS reporting system until 2014, when the system could no longer handle data growth. They wanted to move to the cloud for better scalability and reliability, and needed a cloud platform that could serve their 179 clients. They also needed to accelerate real-time, product-quality reporting.


Hi Tech used Kahuna’s DevCom framework to implement an Internet of Things (IoT) solution running on Java Cloud Service, which allowed them and their customers to monitor the quality of their yarn production in real time on the web and on mobile devices.

The solution addresses a complex use case with 336 sensors on 1,400+ machines scanning quality at a rate of 50 times/sec.The data is sent to the central server for statistical analysis and reporting at a rate of 1 GB/sec.


  • Hi-Tech manages all of its clients from single console, reducing contract staff by 75 percent.
  • Dramatically improved the quality of its yarn products, enabling them to meet their SLAs.
  • Quality issues are identified early in the process, reducing yarn waste and enabling the company pass the savings on to their clients. All 179 clients were shifted to the new platform in two days, and the reduced cost helped Hi-Tech to win four new deals.

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