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Oracle Excellence Awards—Winners
CIO of the Year

SCM Excellence Awards

Craig Halterman

Craig Halterman, CIO, Cohu

Over the years, Cohu had grown globally from multiple acquisitions; however, they found themselves fragmented, running 5 different back office systems across different locations. As CIO, Craig’s strategy to fix this challenge was to create “One Cohu”: a unified company with a single identity, common cloud-based systems and processes, shared services, and the ability to scale quickly. Under Craig’s leadership, he determined that their best path forward was to go all in on the Oracle Cloud suite. A few of his project goals were to provide consistent processes for fragmented business units, achieve accelerated product releases, shared global processes, and rapid incorporation of new acquisitions. He wanted to unify systems, people, and processes with the Oracle cloud enterprise solutions.

Craig strove to modernize and provide the capabilities the business needed now and for the future, while simultaneously standardizing so that these systems could be maintained by a smaller, more nimble IT staff. As Craig mentioned in an interview, “We want to focus our business on what's important to us, which is being an engineering manufacturing company. We’re not a back-office software design company. Let Oracle be the experts in that area, and we will handle our niche and continue to focus on semiconductor equipment.” Already, Cohu has been able to run reports and see company-wide information they couldn’t before. In the end, his goal was to unify Cohu’s business so they could always put their customers first.

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Pravin Kamble

Pravin Kamble, Director of Supply Chain, GE Power

GE Power is a world leader in power generation with deep domain expertise that helps customers deliver electricity. They build & service turbines which are manufactured across multiple manufacturing plants that run on different ERP systems. They had challenges running the S&OP process between their manufacturing and service business and across different production facilities. This resulted in a significant challenge of aligning demand and supply statements around a common set of rules. Pravin and team envisioned a global process and platform unification at the supply chain level as the solution to this problem.

Pravin’s exemplary leadership and his vision is now enabling GE Power’s supply chain team to overcome existing challenges. They’ve built a robust supply chain that is already seeing significant improvement and will drive topline and bottom line growth and efficiency. Working closely with the Oracle team, Pravin has helped judge new supply chain capabilities such as big data analysis, AI/ML, etc. This has resulted into new initiatives such as the Global MRP process across GE Power’s warehouses supported by Oracle Cloud supply chain planning and its native distribution planning. GE Power was also an early adopter of Oracle’s constrained supply planning. Pravin ensured that each new capability delivered by Oracle is incorporated into GE Power’s platform to help them with more accurate planning. Pravin’s initiatives have already saved GE Power 100 Million+ in inventory, with a vision of 5X that impact in FY 2020.

Praveen Hebalallu

Praveen Hebalallu, Head Supply Chain, Precision Group

Precision Group is a 36-year-old company that manufactures engineering goods, such as dies and tools. As a result of running on a legacy system more than 25 years old, Precision Group was struggling with multiple process inefficiencies. In order to remain competitive, Praveen and team committed to an early adoption of Oracle solutions that would help them finish first. They knew that the cloud would be a big enabler and help them achieve a fully connected system.

From day one, Precision group saw great improvements. Not only were they 100% digital, but they had end-to-end visibility into their entire supply chain. Due to Praveen’s leadership, the team’s new dashboards have allowed the team to draw actionable insights and drive efficiency, flexibility, and speed. Now, they have set their sights on becoming a truly technology-driven organization. With that in mind, Praveen and team are now exploring the possibility of utilizing emerging technology to create a smart factory and fully automate their shop floor. As a part of the manufacturing industry, which is typically reluctant of change, Praveen and Precision Group are capitalizing on the cloud and increasing their competitiveness in the market.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith, Senior Director, Global Transportation & Trade Operations, Western Digital

Being on the forefront is a familiar spot for Matthew Smith, Director of worldwide logistics at Western Digital. Before implementing the Oracle Cloud solutions, Western Digital had three separate logistics teams, systems, and processes. Matthew saw the opportunity to drastically increase efficiency by using a modern, data-driven, connected control tower and systems strategy to manage its end to end supply chain.

He is committed to using emerging technology and practices from the Digital Supply Chain framework. The mission is to expand capabilities and support for evolving customer, environmental, regulatory, and market needs while driving cost efficiencies for all stakeholders. Matthew's efforts have been crucial to driving change management across the company using technology, and the team conducts a value-first approach. The team is now using the Oracle Cloud solutions to deliver value across the entire Supply Chain.

Dedicated to excellence, Matthew and the team are achieving remarkable and tangible results for Western Digital. Most recently, his team, together with internal business partners from Strategic Applications and the Digital Analytics Office, leveraged continuous learning and autonomous AI modeling to analyze historical trends, route performance, external conditions, customers rules, and delivery dates to directly interface inputs to OTM (Oracle Transportation Management System) for ongoing optimization cycle of the transportation network, delivering a tailored, refined and more consistent experience. He enjoys being on the forefront because staying ahead of the pack and pushing the Supply Chain boundaries.

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