Doug Kehring headshot

Doug Kehring

Executive Vice President, Corporate Operations

Doug Kehring is executive vice president of Corporate Operations, responsible for facilitating the operational changes and efficiencies that support Oracle’s move to the cloud.

His goals are to ensure that we are the #1 reference for our cloud applications and infrastructure technologies, and that users have a superior experience.

Doug is focused on building passionate advocates within Oracle’s customer base. He oversees the work with Oracle's largest customers so that they receive unique investments and generate superior value. He also manages the group supporting Oracle’s strategic partners to ensure they augment the Oracle ecosystem and help every customer achieve an amazing experience.

Doug manages Oracle University, whose mission is to ensure customers, individuals, and employees can get valuable training on our products and technologies. He also oversees real estate and facilities, helping connect the work environment to employee productivity and happiness. In addition, Doug leads the Corporate Development group, completing more than 140 acquisitions over the past 15 years.