Steve Miranda headshot

Steve Miranda

Executive Vice President, Oracle Applications Development

In a time of accelerating change, Steve Miranda leads one of Silicon Valley’s most innovative teams.

His Oracle Applications experts deliver the industry’s most complete and cutting-edge set of cloud applications for finance, HR, supply chain and manufacturing, and customer experience. They’re building transformative experiences for users and their mission is straightforward: put customers first by collaborating with them to understand their businesses, provide complete solutions, and help them beat their competitors.

His team’s commitment to excellence extends to everything they do. They thrive on solving complex business problems by unlocking value through emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT, and blockchain. Steve and his team are equally passionate about organic user experience, and are always incorporating the latest advances to make solutions intuitive and easy to use.

Under Steve’s leadership, Oracle continues to deliver on its promise to help applications customers innovate while leveraging and increasing the value of their current IT investments.