Acute Informatics increases banking market share by 15% with OCI

Technology services provider migrates workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for faster backups, increased security, and faster customer service.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps us guarantee maximum availability and security for our EasyBankCore core banking application. It enables us to focus on growing our business, increasing our market share, and onboarding new customers with ease.

Chirag PatelCEO, Acute Informatics

Business challenges

Established in 2005, Acute Informatics was running its core banking application EasyBankCore as well as other applications, including human resources and loan management systems, on multiple on-premises Oracle databases.

However, the extensive hardware became costly to maintain and limited how quickly the company could expand its infrastructure. Acute Informatics also identified maximum availability as a primary focus area because its banking application needed 24/7 uptime, including during peak usage.

With more than 70 small- and medium-size banks among its primary customers in India, Acute Informatics also required security features to protect its infrastructure, mission-critical applications, and Oracle Database. This would enable the company to build a strong disaster recovery strategy, ensure business continuity, and maintain compliance with security regulations imposed by the Reserve Bank of India.

The company started looking for an elastically scalable database in the cloud that would increase performance, availability, and security while lowering operational costs.

We are very pleased to see our applications running at peak performance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, at a fraction of the on-premises costs.

Chirag PatelCEO, Acute Informatics

Why Acute Informatics chose Oracle

After reviewing other cloud service providers, including AWS and Azure, Acute Informatics decided to move its workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because it provided the optimum performance to support the company’s EasyBankCore core banking application.

The lower total cost of ownership was another factor behind the organization’s decision to migrate its workloads to OCI. Additionally, OCI’s extensive security features, as well as its ability to fine-tune support for multiple Oracle Databases, weighed heavily in the company’s decision-making process.

After migrating to OCI, Acute Informatics lowers total cost of ownership by 35% while increasing system performance by 50%.


By migrating its Oracle Database workloads to Oracle Standard Database Service on OCI, Acute Informatics increased the reliability and performance of its EasyBankCore core banking application. Coupled with Oracle Compute Virtual Machines and low-latency Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) protocol, the company reported a 50% increase in system performance for its database workloads, including during peak periods.

With the increased reliability and performance that OCI delivered, Acute Informatics increased its market share by 15% and spent only five days to onboard new customers on the EasyBankCore core banking application. At the same time, the company decreased its total cost of ownership by 35%.

Using Oracle Data Transfer Appliance, Acute Informatics moved several Oracle Databases holding between 100 gigabytes and 5 terabytes of data to OCI. The company took advantage of the powerful AES-256 encryption of OCI Object Storage to ensure data security and prevent any unauthorized access.

To maintain compliance with data security regulations imposed by the Reserve Bank of India, Acute Informatics used Oracle Data Safe to quickly evaluate its Oracle Database security posture. Together with Transparent Data Encryption provided by Oracle Advanced Security, Acute Informatics encrypted data-at-rest directly in the database layer, reducing the risk of a security breach.

In parallel, the organization used Oracle Active Data Guard and Oracle Real Application Clusters dispersed in multiple geographic regions to deliver a Maximum Availability Architecture, guaranteeing 24/7 availability of its enterprise applications, even in case of an unexpected outage on one Oracle Database. Additionally, OCI Web Application Firewall helped the company protect its EasyBankCore core banking application from malicious web traffic.

Using OCI Block Volume, Acute Informatics performed automated, scheduled backups based on its backup policy 25% faster. By storing multiple data copies across storage servers with built-in repair mechanisms in the Oracle Cloud region in Mumbai, the company guarded against data loss and strengthened its disaster recovery strategy.

Published:September 23, 2022

About the customer

Acute Informatics offers cost-effective yet best-of-breed IT solutions for clients to address their critical business needs. Its flagship product EasyBankCore is a web-based, multichannel online banking solution that provides a range of banking services that are accessible anywhere, anytime.