American Woodmark gains visibility into business performance with Oracle Cloud

The cabinet manufacturer uses Oracle Cloud ERP and Fusion Analytics for ERP to connect siloed data sources, speed up reporting, and foster innovation.


To be successful today and in the future, we need to be a cloud-first organization, leverage all the data we have available, and gain powerful insights for better decision-making. That’s exactly what Oracle Cloud ERP and Fusion Analytics gives us.

Jesus RuvalcabaProject Leader, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, American Woodmark

Business challenges

American Woodmark is one of the three largest cabinet manufacturers in the US. With 18 manufacturing and distribution facilities across North America, the company’s workforce of 10,000 employees churns out over 41,000 cabinets every day.

Due to the growth of the business and several acquisitions through the years, the company suffered from a complex architecture, including hundreds of legacy systems. Each application had separate processes, leading to a disconnect when trying to manage and make sense of data efficiently. Spreadsheets were causing delays and data inaccuracies, which hindered decision-making.

This increasingly complex ecosystem and lack of scalability was hampering American Woodmark’s growth. The multiple on-premises applications didn’t provide the flexibility that the company required for further expansion, and the integration between these different applications was challenging and time-consuming.

American Woodmark wanted to standardize processes and provide users with easy and secure access to data while empowering the organization with tools to be more strategic and forward-thinking.

Oracle provided the true ERP solution with advanced analytics capabilities so we could do more with our data.

Jesus RuvalcabaProject Leader, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, American Woodmark

Why American Woodmark chose Oracle

American Woodmark searched for a solution that aligned with its vision and strategy for managing and using data in a more user-friendly and strategic way. After considering several vendors, it became clear that Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Fusion Analytics for ERP were the best options.

By adding Oracle Fusion Analytics to its Oracle Cloud ERP application, the company gained the ability to perform self-service advanced analytics with its financial data all in one secure environment. In addition to financial information, the data warehouse provided a single source of truth to consolidate multiple data sources, including on-premises systems. By combining multiple data points from different areas of the business, American Woodmark could drill down and use advanced capabilities for more detailed planning and predictive analysis.

The company also saw a lot of value in creating its own KPIs, allowing teams in different departments to track performance and gain more visibility into operations. Scalability was another big focus for the business. By moving to Oracle Cloud, the cabinet manufacturer gained the flexibility to grow without any concerns about lagging technology.

American Woodmark reduced manual tasks by 75% with Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Fusion Analytics for ERP.


Thanks to Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Fusion Analytics for ERP, American Woodmark empowered the business with actionable data and powerful insights for better data-driven decisions. Starting with the implementation, the company rapidly deployed the self-service advanced analytics capabilities to users so they could spend less time searching for data and more time analyzing it. With Oracle, manual data management efforts dropped by 75%, and the company moved closer to real-time information.

With Oracle’s simplified integration with other cloud and on-premises systems, American Woodmark connected its enterprise and gained more visibility into different data points. The company brought together information from five primary areas: general ledger, accounts payable, procurement, fixed assets, and projects. It also tapped Oracle Fusion Analytics for ERP to paint the bigger picture between all these subject areas. Instead of being confined to look only at purchase orders, invoices, or receipts, American Woodmark gained a holistic view of the entire business and its performance. The feedback from users has also been very positive as they’re able to quickly create their own reports without needing to rely on separate teams for information.

Improved data quality and scalability were also welcome benefits for the organization. Thanks to Oracle’s powerful data management capabilities and automation, there is less human error, meaning the data is much more accurate. Users also have more trust in the data quality, which relieves a lot of stress and enables them to focus on the task at hand instead of questioning whether the information they have is correct. Scalability is a necessary requirement for growth, and American Woodmark gained the confidence to pursue new initiatives knowing Oracle’s platform could sustain the company’s evolution.

American Woodmark is excited about the road ahead, integrating more of its supply chain business into Fusion Analytics. As a cabinet manufacturer, expanding its capabilities in manufacturing and supply chain will be a huge advantage to optimize performance and innovate as the business expands.


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Published:January 13, 2023

About the customer

Founded in 1980, American Woodmark is one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in the US, producing over 10 million cabinets each year.