athenahealth enhances data protection and full stack disaster recovery with OCI

The healthcare tech company migrates its Oracle PeopleSoft applications to Oracle Cloud to improve efficiency and gain Full Stack Disaster Recovery.


OCI Full Stack DR automates the recovery of applications and infrastructure, ensuring RTO of under 30 minutes and RPO measured in seconds. It helps us to protect sensitive financial data, saves time and resources, and allows for comprehensive testing in the disaster recovery environment.

Tom AdamsSystem Lead, athenahealth

athenahealth provides network-enabled software and services for medical groups and health systems nationwide.  Previously, it hosted Oracle PeopleSoft ERP applications on-premises, which required complex, time-consuming, and error-prone administration of IT infrastructure. After migrating its PeopleSoft applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Oracle Database Service, the company automated database lifecycle management and reduced costs by scaling capacity to only the amount needed. Oracle Data Guard offloaded read-only PeopleSoft workloads to a standby database to help ensure high availability and improve data protection. In partnership with Version 1, the company also adopted OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery to help automate complete recovery of applications and infrastructure in a single click across OCI regions.

Published:July 1, 2024