Banco da Amazônia transforms its operations with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer

The bank triples its profits with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, gaining greater capacity for credit and contract processing.


The implementation of Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer represented a milestone for Banco da Amazônia. We experienced improvements in the performance of our IT infrastructure, which boosted our capacity to generate and execute a higher volume of credit and development operations. This evolution not only strengthens the bank but also contributes to the economic development of the entire Legal Amazon, promoting financial inclusion.

Fabrício WatanabeProduction and Infrastructure Management, Banco da Amazônia

Business challenges

Formed by the government of Brazil, Banco da Amazônia is a federal financial institution tasked with fostering sustainable development in the Amazon Region. It provides credit for industrial, commercial, and agricultural activities of all sizes to promote financial inclusion and reduce inequality.

The institution needed to modernize its technology infrastructure because its existing system struggled to process data reliably and promptly. These deficiencies not only slowed down operations such as product contracting and credit releases, but also directly compromised the continuity of banking activities. In extreme situations, isolated failures could even prevent branch openings, severely affecting customer service and resulting in substantial financial losses.

Why Banco da Amazônia chose Oracle

Banco da Amazônia chose Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer to modernize its operations, particularly in managing credit and development contracts, which is core of its business. This decision was influenced by not only by the bank's experience with Oracle Database, but also comparative studies with other financial institutions. Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer provides advanced automation of cloud routines, eliminating data processing delays. The enhanced infrastructure also offers triple redundancy, significantly strengthening system reliability.


With the implementation of Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, Banco da Amazônia saw a 500% increase in the speed of executing essential database queries, including operations from credit and development to card transactions and credit inquiries. This evolution helped to increase banking transactions by about 30%.

The conversion to Oracle's cloud region in Brazil reduced processing time for credit and development contracts, with large-scale operations that previously took 12 hours now completed in just 40 minutes. Similarly, transactions that took up to 4 hours dropped to only 10 minutes. Other advancements included an increase to 99% in the availability time of data infrastructure, an 80% reduction in the need for backups, and a decrease in the provisioning time of computational resources, from 3 days to 30 minutes. Additionally, login speed for its mobile banking platform was accelerated by 30%. 

Because of these improvements, the bank projects savings of R$20 million over five years on licensing. The impact was also reflected in the bank’s financial results, as net profit climbed from R$265 million in 2019 to R$1.1 billion in 2022, an increase of 315%. This rise was driven by performance gains and enhanced capacity to process and execute a higher volume of credit and development operations daily, among other services.

In addition to the operational and financial improvements, Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer helped the institution expand its impact on the sustainable development of the region, to promote a more prosperous and sustainable Amazon.

Published:May 17, 2024

About the customer

Banco da Amazônia is a federal financial institution that acts as an executing agent for government public policies in the north of Brazil.