Broctagon migrates AXIS FX Broker CRM to MySQL HeatWave

The full-suite FX solutions provider optimizes performance and reduces costs on OCI with MySQL HeatWave, bolstering its AXIS FX Broker CRM with a broader range of microservices.


Using MySQL HeatWave greatly streamlined our data synchronization and processing, boosting efficiency of our flagship CRM for FX Brokers. This advancement has also expedited the development of our proprietary trading solution suite, which debuted in September 2023.

Michael MaiTechnical Lead, Broctagon Fintech Group

Broctagon is a leading financial technology independent software vendor based in Singapore. It specializes in providing multi-asset liquidity and advanced trading technology to retail brokerage firms and financial institutions. The company previously hosted its AXIS FX Broker CRM solution on AWS and RDS Aurora MySQL, but with a rapid increase in client base and data volume, Broctagon found that the mounting cost of its cloud infrastructure was becoming prohibitive. To improve cost-performance, the company decided to migrate its AXIS Broker FX CRM solution to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and MySQL HeatWave. As a result, Broctagon achieved a 30% performance improvement on OCI and MySQL Heatwave, translating to a 35% reduction in cost.

Published:June 21, 2024