HeatWave MySQL

Improve MySQL query performance by orders of magnitude and get real-time analytics on your transactional data—without the complexity, latency, risks, and cost of extract, transform, and load (ETL) duplication to a separate analytics database. Enhance data security and deploy HeatWave MySQL–powered apps in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure.

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HeatWave GenAI: Integrated and automated generative AI

Watch the Oracle HeatWave GenAI announcement, featuring Edward Screven, Oracle’s chief corporate architect, and Nipun Agarwal, senior vice president of MySQL and HeatWave development. Learn how you can build generative AI applications without AI expertise, data movement, or additional cost.

Why use HeatWave MySQL?

  • MySQL Enterprise Edition

    Rely on the only cloud service built on MySQL Enterprise Edition, with advanced security features for encryption, data masking, authentication, and a database firewall. Automate database administration tasks and get technical support directly from MySQL experts.

  • HeatWave

    Boost MySQL query performance with the only MySQL cloud service integrating the HeatWave in-memory query accelerator. Get real-time analytics on your transactional data without ETL duplication to a separate analytics database.

  • HeatWave Autopilot

    Automatically improve MySQL performance and price-performance with machine learning–powered automation—without database tuning expertise. Increase the productivity of developers and DBAs, and help eliminate human errors.

HeatWave MySQL customer successes on AWS and OCI

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HeatWave MySQL customers significantly improve productivity while reducing costs, deliver a better customer experience, scale to onboard more clients, and accelerate time to market.

Johnny Bytes boosts data and analytics with HeatWave MySQL on AWS

This digital agency from Germany consolidates data processing and analytics with HeatWave MySQL on AWS for 90X faster complex queries than RDS, doubling click-through rates for marketing campaigns with greater scalability and less administration.

Centroid moves from MariaDB to HeatWave MySQL on AWS to scale analytics

The multicloud tech leader consolidated data processing and analytics with HeatWave MySQL on AWS for 20X faster query performance, more scalability, and less administration than MariaDB on RDS. All with no code changes for real-time reporting.

Bionime modernizes data and analytics with HeatWave MySQL on AWS

This medical device manufacturer consolidated data processing and analytics with HeatWave MySQL on AWS for 50X faster complex queries than RDS for real-time insights to improve diabetes self-monitoring.

Estuda.com HeatWave MySQL video
Estuda.com increases query responses by 300X with HeatWave MySQL

This K-12 educational SaaS provider in Brazil achieves real-time analytics with 300X faster complex query execution at 85% lower cost than Google BigQuery while supporting 3 million users—all to enhance student performance.

VRGlass HeatWave MySQL video
VRGlass increases database performance 5X with HeatWave MySQL

The Brazilian metaverse startup migrated all its data to HeatWave MySQL from Amazon EC2. Within three hours, it achieved 5X better database performance for an event with more than 1 million visitors with greater security and at half the cost.

Genius Sonority HeatWave MySQL video
Genius Sonority speeds game analytics by 90X with HeatWave MySQL

This Japanese video game company gained real-time insights by using HeatWave MySQL, helping it meet its goal of continuously improving joyful entertainment for customers around the world.

Migrate to HeatWave MySQL on OCI or AWS.

Featured HeatWave MySQL use cases

  • Get real-time marketing analytics

    See how HeatWave MySQL enables digital marketing agency customers to send the right offer to the right prospect via the right channel at the right time—and provides real-time campaign performance analytics to make the best decisions.

    Learn more about real-time marketing analytics with HeatWave MySQL

  • Scale startups while reducing costs

    Discover why numerous fast-growing, cloud native organizations migrate to HeatWave MySQL to overcome their growing pains—improving performance, scalability, security, and productivity while reducing costs.

    Learn more about scaling startups with HeatWave MySQL

  • Deliver fintech solutions

    The technology that fintechs rely on often determines their ability to deliver an innovative solution with the performance, scalability, security, reliability, and cost efficiency that will sway customers. Learn why fintech startups migrate to HeatWave MySQL.

    Learn more about fintech solutions with HeatWave MySQL

  • Gain a competitive edge for ISV applications

    For ISVs delivering SaaS applications, selecting the right cloud platform is crucial since it represents the foundation on which their applications are built and has a large impact on how well they can serve customers. See why HeatWave MySQL has become a popular choice for ISVs.

    Learn more about ISV applications with HeatWave MySQL

See what top industry analysts say about HeatWave MySQL

  • Constellation Research logo

    “HeatWave MySQL enables the Holy Grail of insight to action for enterprise decision-making.”

    Holger Mueller
    Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
  • The Futurum Group logo

    “HeatWave MySQL represents the fiscally responsible approach to cloud databases while AWS Redshift and Snowflake represent the fiscally reckless approach.”

    Ron Westfall
    Senior Analyst and Research Director, The Futurum Group
  • KuppingerCole logo

    “Oracle’s unified HeatWave MySQL database can dramatically reduce the potential attack surface for sensitive data.”

    Alexei Balaganski
    Lead Analyst and CTO, KuppingerCole
  • Moor Insights & Strategy logo

    “In many ways, HeatWave is the very essence of what the cloud is about—commodity infrastructure architected in a scale-out fashion, enabling the best performance and price-performance for a given workload.”

    Matt Kimball
    Vice President and Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy
May 16, 2024

Replicating from One HeatWave MySQL Database System to Another

Charles Bell, Principal Software Engineer

This blog post examines how to set up outbound replication from one HeatWave MySQL database system to another. We’ll use a backup feature to create a new replica database system from a source backup. As you’ll see, this dramatically simplifies creating new replicas.

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