Centroid scales data analytics after move from MariaDB to MySQL HeatWave on AWS

The multicloud tech leader consolidates data processing and analytics with MySQL HeatWave on AWS for less maintenance and faster performance.


MySQL HeatWave on AWS improved query performance by 15X to 20X with no changes to our application compared to using MariaDB on AWS RDS. The performance gains gave our business confidence to expand and bring more offerings to the market. It was a silver bullet in this case.

Ajay AroraChief Technology Officer, Centroid

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Business challenges

As a multicloud leader serving more than 200 customers, Centroid can deploy any tech product for any customer in any industry to realize business growth and efficiency.  

Centroid was building analytics applications that provide real-time reporting for various customers in automotive, banking, and distribution verticals. The previous analytics app was built using MariaDB on AWS RDS, along with Tableau for data visualization.  However, the open source MariaDB had an overwhelming number of patches for Centroid staff to maintain. Secondly, MariaDB did not scale for large customers that have terabytes of data.

The company wanted to keep the analytics app in AWS, so it went searching for an alternative data platform.  

The ability to scale more data with real-time analytics helps Centroid speed up application development with less administration.

Why Centroid chose Oracle

Centroid chose Oracle MySQL HeatWave on AWS for a fully managed database service that combines transaction processing with an in-memory query accelerator for a high-performance analytics engine and without extract, transform, and load (ETL) duplication. Greater scalability of more data with real-time analytics helps Centroid accelerate application development with less administration.

MySQL HeatWave immediately improved data processing by 2X and analytics queries by 20X compared to MariaDB on AWS RDS, with no code changes.


Without changing any code, MySQL HeatWave on AWS doubled the data processing performance and increased analytical queries 15X to 20X faster compared to Maria DB on AWS RDS.  

The scalability and performance improvement from MySQL HeatWave gives Centroid a lot of confidence to take the new real-time analytic apps to market across industries and regardless of data volumes. 

Now Centroid customers don’t have to go into multiple data platforms and analytical tools to quickly look at the data visualizations. They get a holistic view of their own business in a single dashboard on any device.

Published:September 12, 2022

About the customer

Centroid is a multicloud and technology leader and a 24-year Oracle partner. Centroid professionals have about 95 certifications in Oracle applications and infrastructure and non-Oracle workloads across Azure, AWS, Google, and private cloud.