CTFE modernizes its business operations with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The Hong Kong-based company uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to reduce costs while achieving better performance and security.


OCI provides a secure, high-performing and cost-effective solution for us at CTFE. The flexibility of OCI to work seamlessly with the custom-built security protection of our firm further strengthened our confidence to move our business systems to the Cloud.

Alison ChanChief Operating Officer, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises

Business challenges

Chow Tai Fook Enterprises (CTFE) is the flagship private investment holding company of the Cheng family in Hong Kong, with operations spanning jewelry, retail, hospitality, real estate, energy, and media businesses. Historically, CTFE operated on-premises data centers to run Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and other critical applications.

CTFE’s leadership decided on cloud migration to improve operational efficiency. The company sought not only strong physical and IT system security but also support for existing hardware encryption services tailored to its specific needs. Other paramount requisites included ease of migration, ease of use, and the quality of ongoing support. With operations across 27 countries, CTFE also needed an extensive network of cloud data centers around the globe to support its systems efficiently with decreased support costs.

Why Chow Tai Fook Enterprises chose Oracle

CTFE evaluated Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as well as other prominent cloud service providers. It selected OCI as the best option to fulfill the company’s requirements. Oracle’s global and fast-growing network of secure, high-performance data centers offered the coverage and physical security controls required by CTFE, along with robust data and network security capabilities. The global pricing policy of Oracle Cloud also ensured consistency in anticipating costs across all cloud regions. Single vendor support for Oracle applications on Oracle Cloud, as well as Oracle’s strong local support teams, gave CTFE confidence that the migration would go smoothly.

CTFE selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure based on its data security, ease of migration, and global network of more than 42 cloud regions.


CTFE migrated 1TB of data first to Oracle Enterprise Database Service to reduce its database management workload, then upgraded its Oracle E-Business Suite financial applications to the current version and moved to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) along with office automation and other third-party applications. This increased CTFE’s business agility and reduced the complexity and cost of supporting those applications. In addition, OCI's cross-regional unified pricing provides greater flexibility in implementing disaster recovery strategies across countries and regions. Unlike other cloud service providers, OCI features global pricing, which helps CTFE to plan ahead for the flexible deployment of DR based on business needs rather than costs.

The CTFE staff use OCI's scalability and elasticity to provision additional workloads on demand, while the company pays only for actual consumption in an OpEx model. OCI’s Cloud Security Services, including application and hardware encryption, help CTFE reduce its risk of security threats.

Enjoying Oracle’s global network of 42-plus cloud regions, CTFE can expand its international business with ease and confidence.


Deloitte played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transformation for CTFE. It helped migrate chart of accounts as well as other applications to OCI. 

Published:April 4, 2024

About the customer

Chow Tai Fook Enterprises (CTFE) is a flagship private investment holding company of the Cheng family in Hong Kong. CTFE seeks to deliver sustainable growth through professional investing and operates in 27 countries.