CIJUN enables Jundiai City Hall to serve citizens better with Oracle B2C Service

The IT services provider supports public sector clients with greater efficiency using Oracle B2C Service.


We don't know of any benchmarks that come close to CIJUN's, as most municipalities do not provide support services to their citizens, and when they do, it is manual. Jundiai City Hall made huge improvements in attending to citizens, delivering services, and dealing with tickets opened in each management unit. The process became faster, more transparent, and more efficient. We took a very big leap in governance and the level of response to our citizens.

Amauri Marquezi de LucaPresident Director, CIJUN

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Business challenges

Companhia de Informática de Jundiaí (CIJUN) is the largest technology service provider in the municipality of Jundiaí, located in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. The company was founded in 1991 with the aim to propose, manage, and provide information technology and communication services for the public sector.

In an effort to better assist public sector clients such as Jundiai City Hall, CIJUN needed to redesign its back-end system and customer support processes. Many of the company’s business areas function through integrated processes, so a robust platform was critical. The company's management created a five-year plan to modernize and expand its portfolio of products and services and then began a search for a technology partner.

Why CIJUN chose Oracle

CIJUN analyzed several solutions in the market and found that Oracle B2C Service would adhere to its needs as well as align with the company’s vision of the future. Easy implementation and integration were also key points in CIJUN’s choice.

The speed of the Oracle B2C Service implementation was essential for CIJUN's strategic business vision, which was to add to its portfolio a product that could be sold and implemented in other entities and municipalities. Oracle B2C Service also would enable CIJUN to modernize key services for clients, such as the ability to open support tickets through social networks.

With the help of Oracle B2C Service, out of the 176,000 requests made by citizens since 2019, 156,000 have been answered and completed—resulting in an efficiency rate of 88.6% in Jundiai's public service.


After adopting Oracle B2C Service, CIJUN introduced 480 service facilitators in the municipalities covered, making citizens’ lives easier. Overall, Oracle B2C Service offers more standardized service processes across CIJUN’s business.

Today, public managers of Jundiai have confidence in ticket resolution with a platform that allows them to visualize and access open tickets from any device, gaining more insight into the status of each ticket and site-specific issues. City managers also have the ability to verify the action plans needed to meet the population's demands and organize service teams.

With Oracle B2C Service, CIJUN has significantly boosted efficiency for Jundiai City Hall over the past few years. Out of the 176,000 requests made by citizens since 2019, 156,000 have been answered and completed—resulting in an efficiency rate of 88.6% in Jundiai's public service.

Published:January 27, 2023

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Companhia de Informática de Jundiaí (CIJUN) has been operating in the technology market for 30 years and develops support solutions, management systems, customer relationship and connectivity, training, and consultancy provided by specialists.