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Design, build, connect with Oracle B2C Service platform

A robust solution to optimize your field service operations
Figure 1: Access information and tools across disparate solutions

Today’s consumers have high expectations for service, so every customer interaction matters. To deliver excellent customer service, your system needs to rapidly adapt to evolving business needs, help to provide consistent and insightful interactions, and support your employees in delivering proven, reliable service. That is where Oracle B2C Service excels.

Oracle B2C Service is built on a modern, microservices-based architecture, hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for unmatched reliability, scalability, and performance. It enables you to deliver full and enriching customer service experiences with functionality for configuring, extending, and integrating with both on-premises and other cloud applications. Integrators and developers can use custom objects to extend its functionality to meet more specific customer needs.

Oracle B2C Service platform provides open-standards–based APIs that rapidly and cost effectively integrate Oracle B2C Service into:

  • Desktop applications
  • Additional CRM and back-office systems (cloud and on-premises)
  • Telephony integration solutions
  • Various web processes, such as search engine integration and knowledge management syndication

Oracle B2C Service platform—Key benefits

  • Offer seamless customer service by configuring, extending, and integrating various CRM and customer experience (CX) solutions
  • Provide a reliable, secure, and scalable cloud-based environment for all customer transactions
  • Gain specific, actionable insights into your Oracle B2C Service deployments
  • Third-party attested security and data privacy brings peace of mind to your service solution

Integration flexibility

Your contact center can offer exceptional service with a unified customer service experience. The Oracle B2C Service platform provides a robust set of backwards-compatible, open standards–based public APIs and industry-leading integration capabilities. The integration capabilities can be categorized as REST APIs, integration accelerators, and prepackaged integrations.


With Oracle’s product agnostic, backward-compatible REST APIs, you can build extensive custom integrations that will continue to work on new product releases. By leveraging the Common Object Model, your development team has seamless access to data contained within Oracle B2C Service. These APIs can also be used to integrate external applications with Oracle B2C Service.

Integration accelerators

Accelerators speed up the deployment of integrations, helping you lower costs. Oracle B2C Service accelerators demonstrate how an integration scenario can be built using the REST APIs and other B2C Service extension capabilities. Each accelerator includes a step-by-step setup and deployment guide, sample code, business process configurations, and implementation details for rapid deployment. The accelerators available include:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Twilio CTI
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mobile
  • Oracle Sales
  • Oracle EBS
  • Out of Office
  • Siebel CRM
  • Oracle Field Service (TOA)

Prepackaged integrations

Oracle B2C Service also provides several prebuilt, highly configurable integrations with other Oracle applications, built on the Oracle Integration Cloud framework. These validated and curated integrations can be used as-is or extended/customized to suit any business need. Integrations are available for Oracle Marketing, Oracle Sales, and Oracle Customer Data Management.

Complete visibility into your field service organization
Figure 2: Oracle B2C Service provides frameworks, accelerators, and connectors to help contact centers achieve a unified, connected experience.

Security and compliance

Oracle B2C Service platform provides reliability, security, and scalability. Meet your compliance requirements and enjoy peace of mind with industry-leading security compliance certifications, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) for government and Department of Defense (DoD) clouds.

Oracle B2C Service platform also provides a multilayered approach to security, covering physical, server, network, storage and backup, application, and procedural security. Its scalable, global infrastructure includes fully redundant, geographically dispersed data centers. Trust that all your data is encrypted at-rest on the platform. Customized data masking protects sensitive information within the incident data store. Every production instance is covered by a disaster recovery solution that mirrors data to a remote data center. You can closely manage network access at a granular level for both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.

The Oracle B2C Service platform supports multiple types of clouds each fine-tuned for specific needs
Figure 3: The Oracle B2C Service platform supports multiple types of clouds each fine-tuned for specific needs.

Oracle B2C Service platform—Key features

  • Modern, microservices-based architecture delivers unmatched reliability, scalability, and performance
  • Integration accelerators for fast deployment—on-premises and in the cloud
  • Backward-compatible REST APIs enable you to build extensive custom integrations
  • Powerful and easy to use tools for flexible data lifecycle management

Operational transparency

Oracle B2C Service Platform gives CIOs and IT managers client-specific, actionable insight into your Oracle Service deployments, including channel status monitoring for practicing risk management, usage statistics for measuring efficiency, and metrics indicating trends that correlate with customer interactions.

Complete visibility into your field service organization
Figure 4: Portals accessible from anywhere display usable metrics to help make better decisions.

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