Deutsche See streamlines operations with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

The seafood company turns to OCI and Azure as part of its multicloud strategy to manage costs and boost security.


The combination of Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure forms a powerful alliance that optimizes costs and accelerates our business goals in this dynamic market. This partnership blends precision and quality, ensuring our success while unlocking a world of possibilities for growth and innovation.

Lars KetelsenDirector IT and Digitalization, Deutsche See GmbH

Deutsche See is Germany's leading provider of fresh fish and seafood, renowned for its commitment to sustainability and quality. Facing escalating costs and security concerns following a cyberattack, Deutsche See sought to modernize its IT infrastructure for enhanced flexibility, security, and cost savings. Embracing a multi-cloud strategy, the company chose to integrate  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Microsoft Azure, using Oracle Interconnect for Azure and Oracle’s cost-effective and robust security features. With Oracle, Deutsche See optimized expenses, improved scalability, streamlined operations, and provisioned new databases in minutes instead of weeks. The company also enhanced data security with built-in encryption using Oracle Active Data Guard, helping to ensure resilient operations and data integrity. 

Published:May 3, 2024