Elera optimizes financial management processes with Oracle Cloud ERP

Using Oracle Cloud ERP, the renewable energy company improves functions such as receiving invoices and refunds, automating up to 80% of processes.


With Oracle Cloud ERP, we optimized 80% of the invoice registration and payment process. Previously, the manual process was time-consuming and prone to errors. Now, we can pay these invoices much faster and more reliably.

Marco PitocoSystems and Applications Manager, Elera

Business challenges

Owned by Brookfield Asset Management, Elera is a Brazilian company operating in the energy sector. Until recently, the company used an on-premises resource planning system that required significant resources from its IT team to maintain. Elera chose to implement Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) due to its 100% SaaS delivery model. Based in the cloud, the platform provides mobility to the company's field and business teams and operational benefits to the company's finance department in some functions. For managing service notes, the department now spends 70% less time on average. This same speed index applies to reimbursements, which can be completed on a smartphone. Oracle Cloud ERP also made the invoice payment process more agile, with 80% of the process now optimized.

Published:February 7, 2024