Fivos adopts OCI to help increase data security and reduce costs

The clinical software provider migrates to OCI to proactively detect and resolve issues while creating a more affordable solution for clinicians.


We saw that Oracle Cloud was built with security in mind from top to bottom. That helps our customers succeed because we’ve already dealt with a discrepancy before it becomes an issue.

Erik LinstadDirector of IT and Security, Fivos

Fivos, a leading provider of comprehensive data solutions for healthcare providers, aims to improve clinical workflows and patient outcomes. To reduce costs for the business and its customers, the company sought to migrate workloads out of AWS and onto a new cloud infrastructure, while protecting sensitive patient information. With security in mind, Fivos moved its core applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) at 20% of the cost of an alternative migration. Using OCI’s Logging Analytics, the company can better detect and resolve issues before they occur, leading to higher performing software that is more affordable for end users.

Published:March 27, 2024