Galileo optimizes its manufacturing production with Oracle Cloud ERP

The energy solutions provider lowers operating expenses and reduces the burden on IT departments by implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP.


The adoption of Oracle Cloud ERP helped us streamline the generation of our financial reports in multiple currencies and comply with different accounting standards, ensuring a consistent close process.

Maximiliano FernándezIT Director, Galileo

Business challenges

Based in Argentina, Galileo Technologies develops technologies for gas in all its forms. It provides compressor, liquefaction, and gas transportation equipment and services to a global customer base. Since its founding in 1984, the company’s operations evolved to include complex manufacturing and machining processes. Eventually, the company faced limitations with its old management software. With offices and manufacturing plants across regions, Galileo needed to unify processes and controls to support its growth and allow for compliance with local regulations in each region where it operates. Therefore, Galileo began searching for a cloud-based system that would align with its digital transformation strategy and bolster its expansion efforts.

We chose Oracle Clod ERP cloud for its compliance under IFRS and USGAAP standards—ideal for our financial reporting standard.

Maximiliano FernándezIT Director, Galileo

Why Galileo chose Oracle

Galileo adopted Oracle E-Business Suite in 2007. To expand and upgrade its technology, the organization decided to migrate to Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) because it would help with regulatory compliance needs and support the company’s goal of becoming a global entity. Galileo leaders realized that Oracle Cloud ERP could power company-wide operations in different countries while helping to ensure compliance under International Financial Reporting Standards. Oracle Cloud ERP would also help Galileo adhere to industry best practices and lower its reliance on software customizations.


Oracle Cloud ERP easily handled the complexity of Galileo’s production and manufacturing processes, optimizing resources and increasing efficiency. Galileo generated financial reports in different currencies and accounting standards quickly and easily, while it also saw considerable cost savings. After the implementation, the company reduced spending on hardware maintenance and personnel costs associated with on-premises infrastructure. Overall, the workload on Galileo’s IT department decreased because employees no longer need to manage servers or databases. The company also noted advantages related to additional features included in the subscription, such as regulatory compliance and better security capabilities.

Published:May 24, 2024

About the customer

Galileo is an Argentine company that develops innovative goods and services in natural gas and derivatives. It operates in more than 80 countries.