Gruppo Mondadori unifies HR processes with Oracle Cloud

Italy's leading book, magazine, and digital publisher is using Oracle HCM to standardize human resources processes across all of its businesses so that employees and HR personnel can focus more on the company's strategy to consolidate on its core business.


Oracle has given us the opportunity to put everything in order, streamlining each of the HR functions. This is a huge benefit that frees the mind, gives the possibility to do other things, and adds value to the business.

Daniele SaccoHR Director, Gruppo Mondadori

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Business challenges

Gruppo Mondadori is a 113-year-old publishing company dedicated to encouraging the dissemination of culture and ideas through books, bookstores, brands, and magazines, as well as digital content. The company also publishes educational textbooks, produces art exhibitions, and manages preeminent Italian museums.

Having acquired many different businesses over the years, it had to manage their disparate systems and processes, ranging from paper and spreadsheets to different on-premise and cloud applications. To support its growth strategy, Gruppo Mondadori determined it needed a single human capital management solution to normalize its HR processes across all businesses.

Why Gruppo Mondadori chose Oracle

Gruppo Mondadori chose Oracle Cloud HCM because it provides a comprehensive, integrated suite of human capital management capabilities. Oracle was the only vendor willing to provide daily support before and after the sale, says HR Director Daniele Sacco.


“And we like the fact that we can rely on someone who knows how to do his job, who has been doing it successfully for so long, and who gives us guarantees not only today but for the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years.” Sacco says. “For a company that's been around for 113 years, having partners that guarantee our future is important.”


Common HCM functionality and employee self-service capabilities empower Gruppo Mondadori to better manage the changes it faces as the company continues to evolve to meet the shifting needs of multiple generations of consumers in markets worldwide.

The company can now standardize HR processes across diverse sets of users, including HR managers and staffer, employees, franchisees, and job candidates. For example, instead of having to route various paper forms to process new hires, each individual in the chain now simply clicks a button to advance the document to the next step.

Meanwhile, employees are using Oracle HCM Cloud’s self-service capabilities to update their own information rather than have to wait for someone in HR to manually enter it into a system. Already, HR is analyzing data pulled from Oracle HCM Cloud to measure process efficiency and monitor employee engagement. In the future, HR will use the data to assist organizational leaders with strategy.

“We have applications for recruiting, learning, talent and performance, people reviews, and compensation that are natively integrated,” Sacco says. “This is the first time that has happened in the history of our company, and it is a great leap for us."


Beginning with a series of prototype workshops, Accenture helped Gruppo Mondadori implement an accelerated HR platform and turn a new page in remote working.

Published:May 15, 2020